i feel so lucky #Engaged
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i met chris on and i knew when i first saw him he was the one. i moved in with him and we have been having a blast ever since i never ever thought it was possible to be this happy and to love someone so unconditionally litrally the earth moves when i see him and i melt when he talks. I adore him so much and he feels the same way about me I know he loves me unconditionally and withour gothic match i may never have found him. i joined the website to find frienda but insted i found love, we are having a gothic wedding on friday 13th january 2012 and i am so excited. were going to my home town next weekend so he can meet my family and i know they will love him as much as i do. I love you chris and thank you gothic match It really is amazing that you help goths find others like them we owe you a biggy xxxxx

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