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I set up a profile in February of '05 and a couple weeks later, this gorgeous guy winked, then emailed me. We wanted to meet right away but my mom was upset I met a guy on a dating site that was yrs older than me. I was 18, he was 25. Also her and my dad thought he was unstable because of his appearance. We were so broken up, we decided to be bf and gf anyway. Finally in March, we met on a cold day in a cemetary where we kissed, cuddled, and tried to keep warm! I was so nervous and excited to finally see him, I didn't want the date to end. This relationship attempt failed because out of 2 months, we saw each other 3 times and the third time was awful because my parents sabotaged our date. My heart was crushed when we lost contact. I even tried meeting other men on this site to replace him, which failed of course. After a couple years, I thought I was doing better until October of 2007 when he found my profile here and emailed me again. At first, I was scared and excited to hear from him and I loved that he explained how much he missed me. That's when I got the shattering news that he had a son from another girl he met on this site. I ended it immediately and didn't speak to him again. Finally in January of 2010, I found him on another site and I only at least wanted to be on friend terms because I felt bad for my temper but we ended getting back together and we currently live together. Even better is we will be married July 1st. I feel he has helped me grow as a person, I learned to forgive and let go. Even my family notices my happier and better choices. I love him so much and I have you guys to thank for bringing us together. We admitted that in the beginning, if we met somewhere else like a store, there was no way we would have the guts to even make a move. We hope to spend the rest of our lives together, have children, and good careers. Also our wedding rings have our favorite movie quote engraved "real love is forever" from The Crow. I always thought our love was a little similar to this movie. Thanks again and hopefully we can send you our wedding pics!!!!!!

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