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I joined Gothic Match when bored and disappointed with the state of my life. I never expected anything from the site and thought I would even get any e-mails. However, one day I recieved a wink saying 'I would like to get to know you' from a guy called Ryan. Completely surprised at this we began e-mailing each other on this site and found we got on and liked lots of the same things so we moved to MSN and texting. (He probably still doesn't know this but the first time we spoke on MSN I was in the bath!! haha) Very quickly we became close, talking everyday and one day he told me he loved me, I couldn't help but feel exactly the same way. However, as the saying goes; "The course of true love never did run smooth" and we split, losing all contact. While on holiday that year I found hidden in the hard drive of my computer, the saved conversations between me and him on MSN from when we were first together. I found that even though the conversation wasn't happening Ryan could still make me smile and laugh. I realised that I couldn't get over him and still loved him. I contacted him again in the hope that we could at least be friends, just desperate to still have him in my life. I was pleased to hear him respond and we became friends. Gradually we got closer again and realsied we were even more in love than before. On 19th October 2010, over 7 months after we first spoke, we finally met. It was the most fantastic feeling in the world to have Ryan there with me finally, I couldn't quite take it in to be honest. And now we are together and I'm happier than I have ever been or ever thought I would be. He really is perfect and so much more than I deserve. This amount of love shouldn't be legal!!!! :D Thank you so much Gothic Match, I never thought I'd find my soulmate on a dating website but I'm extremely glad I did! :D Becki xxxxxxxxxx

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