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Thank you Gothicmatch!! I have found my Dark Prince or shall I say, he has found me?!! On Feb 9, 2007 I received a wink from this wonderful man and I responded. Since then we have had an incredibly passionate mad torn love affair via the internet from the USA to The Netherlands. Yesterday, my Dark Prince said he was madly in love with me and that I was his Lady!! Even though it has only been a few short weeks, we have found out that we have so much in common gothic and otherwise!! The Perfect Match!! He said I was everything he wanted in a Gothic Lady! He told me yesterday that he has already fallen in love with me and I was definitely his Lady. That big blue ocean, the thousands of miles and our jobs keep us apart right now, but not for long. My Dark Prince will be flying over in July to take his Lady to "The Masquerade Ball" in Hollywood!! He asked that I write to you and shout out loud and let the Gothic World know, WE ARE IN LOVE!!

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