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What can I possibly say about Steve? He's my Dark Angel,is the only way i can pin him.. The miracle that fell in back backyard that took me forever to find. I knew him years ago, we met through my cousin kenny, and chatted for a bit on messenger, but as we got busy and went on in our own little isolated worlds,we gradually stopped speaking and eventually lost contact for the longest time. Neither of us would have dreamed that the other was interested. I originally made a profile to see if I could meet some new people, Out of being tired of being lonely. I have amazing friends, that although they live far away, encourage me to help myself every day, and this was one thing I knew they would strongly encourage. When I saw Steve's picture on here, A lightbulb went off in my head, and instantly I was dying to talk to him.. I knew then that there was probably a reason why he has been in my thoughts every so often over the past three years. It took me only a few days or so, but eventually I decided that this site just had to be worth it.. and i joined up as a member, and yes, mainly to Talk to this "Zekk" Guy that I haven't been able to forget for the past three years. We started talking, and although he didn't remember me nearly as clearly as I remembered him, we got along splendedly, and over the next month or so became really good friends, to the point where i would do anything to make him happy, and sometimes his isolation and moodiness worried me.. I knew this was a caring, warm, romantic, and purely good guy, and I wanted him to be happy , no matter what it cost me, and I told him that even if we never got to have anything romantic, I wanted him to quit depriving himself of happiness. He didn't think he was ready to date, mostly out of a fear of disappointment, but I think he was moved by my tearful concern, and fear that he would abandon our friendship. I decided right then and there that I was gonna show up on his birthday and make sure he wasn't alone, no matter what, and I did. I was so excited, and even more so when I walked in the door.. He took my coat and asked me to get comfortable.. and from his eyes I could tell that he was far more fascinated in me than he let on online.. He just seemed afraid to show it until he was sure he could see the same thing in me. ... Our eyes met.. and we kissed.. and we were inseparable the whole day from then on, Like children, we goofed around and stared into each other's eyes, and he even invited me for a very intimate shower ;-). After all that,as we sat comfortably on the couch he asked me if I wanted to be his girl.. I was shocked, since it was so soon after we met, how easily it took to change his mind.. apparently he was very smitten with me, and said he found me caring, warm, fun, beautiful and just. .extraordinary. He hadn't been able to open up that quickly to anyone.. and honestly, neither had I..not since I had had my heart crushed years ago by some guy who was only having fun. It felt like Steve and I had been friends forever, and I lost all cares with him. It felt like I finally had a home again with him...I didn't leave for days... There has been many more visits between us, and much more growth, but the fascination between us.. and the comitment.. the comitment of two, normally nontrusting people, continues to grow. This seems to be the first Stable relationship either of us have ever had.. and for the first time in a long time.. we both have something to hope for Like Steve Said the other night "it felt like there was nothing before there was you" Sweetheart, you couldn't have said it better. With many good wishes, -Medusawall

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