My soul mate #Engaged
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^^I have a poor english,i hope you can understand. i write this also for when the future my child ask me "mom how did you know my dad?"i can show she/he this XD Ok,it is very funny i find him.because i almost don't believe can find someone on the internet,to tell the truth i think i cant find my true love,i just have to lonely all my life. i often wink somebody who i like his photo or file,but i dont believe someone of them will report me and him is one of them. he report me,and send me his this time i dont think other just think he is a good and funny guy. he believe i am the right one of his life,but i dont sure,and we keep chat about 2 months and i have a little feeling to him.this feeling become very strong,i dont know how to describe them,but really very special,this isnt like two people stay together and feel good so stay feeling(also his feeling)is,i can know him and he also know my,even if haven't say,but we can know.this feeling is from heart. so we chat with facetime,and at facetime i see him ^^ he is so handsome.i need to say he is a little diffrent from my dream lover,because my dream lover should be have black hair.but it isn't important because he is engnouh perfect.and at this time,i cant stop myself to say i love him^^ i am Taurus of the sun and Scorpio of the moon,and he is scorpio of the sun and taurus of moon,and we are the same Zodiac of china is chikenXD(but he older then me 12years),we have much much same intresting and habbit,i even think maybe our soul is made from the same^^ we plan to go to some vecation togheler because as we know,we are very far away(now i stay at italy but him at Netherlands).so at the end of March and the first of April we have gone to north italy. when first time i see him is really amazing.he go out from the airplane but i cant find him,and he say he saw me,at this time i turn back,i see him and i run to him XD and we hug together XXXD even if know we are very far away but we have plan now,and i can see him every month one time XD or more. I know i write much wrong word,but this is my true feeling .and you always know what i feeling ^^

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