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Fell in love

Well I saw her on the chat room, and she didnt have a pic but was in the age range i wanted. So I said hey wheres your pic, and then she said she just signed up, then I got her myspace, and thought she was cute so I told her I wanted to get to know her better so I asked her if she had a cell phone, then she said yes so I said "ya, the number?" and not actually asking for it makes for better success when u just assume they will give it to you. So we started talking on the phone and we talked about what we wanted in a relationship and what she liked about my profile.... If you dont talk about stupid crap like what do you do, and how many siblings you have, then you get better success.... Then after 2 days we fell in Love, im 20 shes 15, and I live in Long island and she lives in staten island and I started visiting her every day, and her mom Loves me bc im a really good boyfriend to her and her mom knows shes safe with me cause ive been over her house had dinner over there a couple of times..... and so far we have been together for about 3 and 1/2 weeks lol.....

Thank you!!!