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    Call it whatever you want,religions beliefs, practices. Everyone one believes in something, even if it is nothing. None of it matters. Does what you or I believe really matter outside of our own minds? The answer is no. People come together in groups to celebrate the faiths not as a way to truly practice, but to bring credibility to their respective faiths. In one's mind it might make sense, "If all these people believe, then it must be real". Nonsense. Churches, temples, groves and the like are useless unless one wants to share their practices with a friend as one does a movie or book they enjoy. However, faith should be focused inward. To truly draw strength from a practice and to hope to weild results would it not take in theory, concentration and self reflection? If that is true, then those who practice would need solitude. To compare notes after the fact is a sound plan, after the fact. People have lost sight of their collective beliefs, and therefore have lost touch with what it is they think they believe in.Practice is not a hobby, placing trust and faith in anything is a difficult task. If you seek a hobby, I have a list of great literature for you. People insult themselves and the others who take a serious hand to their practices. I'm not insulting anyone or any specific religion or belief system, because I don't care enough to put the enrgy into it. My point is that some should re-evaluate what it is they are doing and why. And to ask themselves the questions, yet again, that drew them to their respective practices. I've yet to meet or speak to someone who actually knows enough about their own religion to focus on the wrongs of other faiths. In closing, learn the many factes of your own faiths before striking out against others, there is alot to learn from all, even if it is to manipulate it. Thank you.
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    Almost all religions are about two things, the locating, peperation, ingestion and dealing with the aftermath of an Amanita Muscaria trip (or another entheogen local to the area) and dealing with what is happening up in the sky so they can plant and harvest for maximum yield, know when to fish, know that the horoscope is slowly shifting because of the earth's wobble changing the celestial cues, etc...  The clergy encrypted their knowlegde and the priesthood was there to pass on the keys of understanding so they can keep the knowlegde and power safe.


    BUUUT, since passing knowledge was done orally and to make sure the knowlegde in it's encrypted form got passed down, the concept of belief was used on the uninitiated to ensure it was stored and kept unaltered.  That is why so much of religion makes no sense, you do not have the keys to understand what they were really trying to say.


    So throw away faith, find the keys, follow the instructions and have actual, in real life experiences with the universe.  You may end up ranting and raving like those uninitiated believers but you would have actually experienced it and faith is not needed.

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    Religions were made by cowards who needed someone else to blame for their hardships and to put faulse hope in............
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    David how would you define the true christan beliefs. and try to sum it up. how do your ways differ from other christians.
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