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  • wolf36 ( 51 / M / Halmstad, Hallands Lan )

    A nice dark romantic dinner to start the first get to know basis....

  • TheLoveRoses ( 25 / W / Sandnes, Rogaland )

    My date idea, can be a little hard to tell. I just feel a date for me, is have a good dinner together. And have a good conversation, and have a romantic evening!

  • demarcuswalker48 ( 28 / M / Tacoma, WA )

    I want to date at a fancy restaurant and travel to different places

  • vamprider69 ( 81 / W / Augusta, GA )

    For our first date, I would start out by showing up at the end of your bed in full costume. You would then scream as I bite your neck and beat you into submission. I would get off to the sound of your whimpers

  • wavelife ( 31 / M / Willingboro, NJ )

    Lol I always usually let the girl pick where to go it's easier that way lol.. Na sometimes I pick a place

  • Parko_07 ( 32 / M / Australian Capital Territory )

    My desires involve a photographic life! Photo's can be taken ANYWHERE! Please be comfortable being in my focal length, PLEASE!

  • Anthony2023 ( 55 / M / Batesville, AR )

    to sit under a fullmoon night and watching the river flowing sharing a picknick lunch with each other and watch the sun come up. then to see the sparkeling in your eyes and the beautifulness that the sun gives one that i...  read more >>

  • lizzy_nikao ( 29 / W / Houston, TX )

    Trip to the gun range? Or coffee? Oh or both!

  • angel_of_deth ( 24 / M / Englewood, NJ )

    Take anywhere she wants I have a car

  • driv2000 ( 53 / M / Babson Park, FL )

    The Castle in Ybor city is a Goth club: The Castle opened on Guavaween in 1992 as a small saloon with a determined goal: create a great place that all of our friends would like to visit. Adding in the idea of strong drin...  read more >>

  • DreamDate74 ( 44 / M / Cheyenne, WY )

    Candlelight dinner, give her a message. Then take a walk on the beach...

  • Kayla21 ( 40 / W / Vancouver, BC )

    Cook for me or allow me cook for u

  • tony_eidolon ( 30 / M / San Antonio, TX )

    Drink have fun, worship Satan and eatting babies with your mom Fuck who had time for this shit?

  • MakiJay ( 23 / W / Yuba City, CA )

    A theme park or concert maybe even dinner and a movie or movie and dinner I don't care as long as its fun (:

  • Kaitlyntaylor13 ( 40 / W / Williamston, SC )

    A night by a lake rose petals leading to the bed as we romantically start kissing and you eat strawberries off my stomach <3