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Yes, a great day.

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Got up bright & early at 3pm, sold some extra tires that I had then hit the junk store looking for vintage stereo equipment.

The local shop is a small spot owned by a really nice Jamaican Mother & Son pair, always very fair with me unlike the prior owners that ended up selling some stuff stolen from my apartment.

Anyways.... Finally I find a high output receiver. Kenwood KR-797 built in 1997. 110 watts per channel. Not quite the HIFI golden era sort ( 1970-1980) but it's powerful.

So I go to hook it up, no sound :(  

The owner didn't have an ipod cable so they let me cut up some wires to make my own (YES, I can play MacGyver lol). Got some sound, problem is even on the first notch its blasting at 100% output! Damn near gave us all a heart attack when killswitch engage came on at >90db. 

It was nearing closing time so I really couldn't rip it open to do a diagnosis. The guy says,

"You play guitar right?" 

"Yes I do"

"Well take the receiver, EQ, tape deck & cd player, if you get it working buy us some beer & we'll jam"

Talk about a great guy! Hopefully I'll get this thing going, if not I'll still drop off some spare speakers for them or something like that since they always just give me great deals & say "name your price".


Now I have to DX that & the Pioneer SX626. Anyone care to help?




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