Owl Symphony

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Every morning around 0300, the lone owl starts whooing. Softly it starts and as its gets louder others join. By this time(0506) til about (0630 til almost 0700), they take turns going from soft to loud...in total I believe there are four. I always thought they were strictly nocturnal but they start in the threes, (both am & pm), ending at the same time morning & night.

When they finally start at this hour to occasionally do so in loud unison, it's both beautiful & haunting. Picture an orchestra with a lone cello then the thunder of the rest suddenly join in. When the song birds come alive, it's drowns it a bit but the owls end up getting louder. Then the crows/ravens come out to caw & ruin it eventually, they scare off the all the music.


It seems as though some nights they'll (or atleast one) will end his/her calling right outside my window. VERY loud but lovely. I really wish I could find where they nest in my pines, not to catch them, but to see them just once, my friends that sing me to sleep.

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Btw, right now i'm counting three in unison.