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Posted on May 17, 2016 at 04:04 PM

I made a cd 72:31 minutes long, 6 tracks of doom/noise/ambient/indus/noise, i know it sound's borring but it's not , it's psychedelic kilometric noise band, that is not just noise...


The work has been dose back in the 1990'' i was into noisy stuff : skullflower, merzbow, xenakis and many other things that hiss brutallity in low frequency, feedback abuse, amplifier abuse...


I give it to my assistant a real musician since im more into noise and drones and i want a prettier more polish recording of this mysterious recording.


This was record back in 1990'' early era, back than i worship harsh noise and free-form noise rock.This may sound borderline masochistic but it's enjoyable if you enjoy good high frequency noise that drone into oblivion...


After one lisen you may feel dizzy or on drugs since it's psyche-noise experiment, one may says i made lou redd metal machine music part 2..


What about it guys? and i will make it re-recorded into a professional studio for overdub and shit...

Making noise anyone can do it, but worthy orchestrated consistent noise or intelligent noise

this is another story.


This is project 2 in the making, well it was record but it's gonna be revised by my disciple, project 1 was Hexen!

but it turn out more musical for noise than ithought, the band was a dub doom band...whit noisy overtone.


Anyone here like noise music and ambient music, do you created such kind of ''music'' it's not really music but

each track are wall of sounds, trought guitar abuse, i know it has been made several time but perhaps mine is a bit different in the approche, there is not obious riffs or notes


It's not just noise it's arts school or modern art, i was even inspired by Xenakis persepolis

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