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Posted on Apr 02, 2016 at 10:24 AM

Ever wonder why it's so darn hard to get hallucinogenic shroom or lsd bloter, you will have better luck finding pot hash cocaine or speed, that about it, i should warn gothic match menber has a responsible adult kid dont do drug or simply wait until your responsible adults.


Than it struct me in a discussion i had whit a friend, he said hippy or hallucinogenic user have always been ostracized trought history , i said yeah look like it a lot.


So these ''psychotropic substance'' are verboten by society, you can do coke no problem smoke weed no problem

take heroin if your an imbecil, but hallucinogenic verboten!!


What is so wrong about it, some says it can cause schyzoprenia this is bullshit yah know never been proven, people

that are schizoprenic it's genetic sometime most of the time hey let's be honnest , they have an uncle orwhatever that is mentally ill.


After readinf aldous huxley ''doors of perceptions'' essay, i wanted to try real mescal, but chance are mescaline on the street if there is is poor quality and cut whit crap, so were to find mescal in mexico?


How come this stuff not available in canada, just there an hex or a taboo on sutch substance, it had been proven that lsd could cure alcoholism on the pro, and that navajo use it and are allowed to use it, but not us white folks and the rest, this is unfair?


Than we see meth and synthetic shit replace these wonderfull hallucinogenic drugs, i dont get it do you.

This post is not pro or anti drugs?

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