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Posted on Mar 08, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Look at me i have been a true goth for the last 20 years or more and i get spite no one comment my blog or enjoy my joke on the forum, i get no response godammit.


I want fanboys and some womens to comment my post, so am i a goth or what ,i sure em, i lisen to gothic music, i dress mostly in black, i wear wierd talisman and rings, this is a proof im a goth.


Im into medieval and renaissance gothism, im open minded, if you dont piss me of i wont kill yah(i toss a joke in there). It's like american first keyword to outsider want there hosted in another country they says is everything ok

because they are afraid of getting beat up for being american(i toss a second joke in there).


Im a sereous guy but i like to toss humor into my post is it a crime?


Than there are people who want to be my haters, they can go to hell, i dont care as far as it goes, so can someone answer the following question why am i ostracized by goths, when every style  other than goth like me and dont have a problem whit me.


There is no sutch things has goths beleif on what goth and what not, some poser will decided being a goth mean

reading beaudelaire drinking martini, and snobism not in musical taste but in atitude and quite frankly call me a nazi but i dont like people whit there little attitude nor the patience.


Im nice i expect the same from other if not shawll be...down you got your the first to know like a boat your sink ship me oi matey(i toss in scottish joke of sailor not a treat).


People are so first degree when they feel something a tad bigoted and i said a tad they get crazy, than there are other that are too racist, i guess the best thing is to be reasonably non racist and reasonably racist at the same time, Cases by cases some people deserve racism and other deserve respect.


So if someone treat you rubbish and he is some minority you have the right to hate him, be racist for this case but, if you take the Taxi and the minority drove you to destination and is professional, there is no reason to hate or dislike.If someone show you mutual respect show him or her mutual respect.


This is how i feel about it all, im not polarized total anti racist or total racist see, i have all sort of friends like i said racist and non racist one of all degree left far left, right far right, this is the reality, i dont have an opinion on politics this is not my domain i just dont care about it, even if important or not...


Than some goth will HATE me SCORN me, because i said whatever HEY!! what about freedom of speach hmm, than what about rotten sense of humor called malicious joy fameous for germans people i have this and im not even a germans...


Am i so terrible person no one want to be associated whit me, what im a fucking serrial killers what the fucking mather please i would like to think im a cool guy, im a decent good looking guy, i reek beverly hills...


What wrong whit this, you guys hate people  just because there wise guy, just because there wierdo, are you real true goths, goths are not about exclusion of fellow goths based on behavior or whatever look im not some dork.


What the fuck guys and gals speak to me , i wont judge you, if you think im a full blown goth than comment i want to hear this... dont hate me for no reason at all, dont be fucking son of bitches, im one of your clan, a goth

dont try to fuck around and says wawawa he is no goth he is racist or bigoted , im a mild bigot and a mild non racist , it's my own right let me live in peace for this, do you beleive in freedom or enslavement.


So who on my side on this site and dosen fear to be judge by a clique of snob poser false goths...

Have a nice days people of all color , political beleif, womens since it's womens days ect




Should i recalled im some nihilist, i dont have a political attraction, i dont care of who racist who anti racist,

do i care??? beat up each other will i enjoy the show...


Anyone here like my post or forum please manifest, show yourself dont fear judgement im not lucifer you know

you can take my side, yah wont go to hell.Have a nice days fellows goths

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Posted on Mar 15, 2016 at 05:20 PM

Life goes on no matter what goes on around us  I been on my own for over 12 years now

And some times I think we are better off on our own   no nagging  yack yack yack  ?

come..  go..  do as we please when we please..  seem's like the best way 

Just do your own thing.. just be your self..   dont try so hard  take one day at a time

and dont let the buggers get to you   why worry over what others think 

we have to look after  our selfs  or get trod on  and put down  by hartless others


as for me  I  been to Hell and  back  and at times think it was more fun there than here  ha ha

ex army marrid 20 years 3 girls now in mid 20s  and not a word from them for me at 60

and on my own for past 12 years or more


even my mates have moved  some even gone to a better place  may they RIP....


do as  I do enjoy your freedon well you can  some one will turn up some day....

so from kevin  =  nomore  , is nickname on here

it's a very big world out their  go enjoy it  find some thing to do  

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