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Posted on Oct 12, 2015 at 07:26 PM

Well to be honest it rather old, i made the skeleton of the work in the year 2000-2010 but

i ask my buddy to revamp it, make it come alive...


It's called Cortex, it's bass heavy and drum laden, this will be probably my heaviest yet.

First i started whit Hexen! an avant-garde ambient noise  industrial band , than i dig up in

the past to find Burial room a 15 minute jam of lo-fi stoner noise doom improvisation that drone.


Than im waiting for Cortex since we are a duo and i do have a collaborator, it will probably sound

like some primal sludge but who know , my stuff is always very psychedelic

since we me and a friend or chronic stoner influence by various luminaries

of psyche prog and also noise -rock.


This will be feature on my label Obsidian crown record album 3 so i will have 3 side projects jeez that nice,

i were a noise maker back than, so i might released my stuff someday but i need money and plug.


Any label accept submission of cd-r,if you know people that might be interrest in my music or could play it

on radio big or small broadcast of obscur noise band oddity feel free to contact me trough gothic match, comment or something, i want people to lisen to my music , some may like it other may hate it.


I dont have plug and im not rich, how does diy work, like if i produced 10-20 cds how does it cost, than i have a problem i need covers illustration for  for my music and im not good at this, i need an artist...


Who willing to help me out, give me advice good label that accept submission and adress to send material.

Someone here may know someone that could help out, my music not so bad.



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