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Yet again I post something. Emmada... 13 07/03
Being introverted and painfully shy has its ... Emmada... 23 07/01
Yet again another attempt Emmada... 9 06/29
a miserable attempt at self expression ha h ... Emmada... 5 06/29
What are you guys drinking??? DeanCor... 12 06/29
It's Hard to Say MacabreArti... 7 06/27
Emmadala versus the world Emmada... 10 06/26
Trying a new style. MacabreArti... 39 06/26
A Learning Curve MacabreArti... 9 06/22
Getting into the Dating Scene MacabreArti... 40 06/22
DUMBSHITS ABOUND PULL THE PLUG bonnsterthemonst... 14 06/15
Why I'm Starting to Hate "Sons of Anarchy" ... Noodles1... 13 05/27
Harry's had enough Potenza_Wo... 18 05/10
Flax BloodxRevena... 19 05/02
hypercusis and misophonia bonnsterthemonst... 13 04/19
Superhero Bladet... 27 04/02
I Don't Believe in Unconditional Love Noodles1... 39 03/22
Noodles = Chauvanistic??? Noodles1... 18 03/21
back to recording old materia DeanCor... 18 03/18
everyone hate me DeanCor... 36 03/13
no one want to meet me in let'S meet DeanCor... 17 03/07
Someone try to kill me whit his car DeanCor... 19 03/02
respond to my godamn blog DeanCor... 13 03/01
i receive the visit oof mafiosi DeanCor... 5 02/28
my sister said i should be a wiccan DeanCor... 11 02/27
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my sister said i should be a wiccan
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