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I bought good balsamic vinegar DeanCor... 7 12/17/2015
About me GothicFan... 33 12/14/2015
A Decade on............. MOHAWK... 87 12/01/2015
What your trip right now??? DeanCor... 6 12/01/2015
My universe Jade20... 15 11/30/2015
good health at all cost DeanCor... 21 11/28/2015
please respond to my post if you read me DeanCor... 14 11/05/2015
Virtual Life is no life Sure hope you went ... bonnsterthemonst... 22 11/02/2015
what are you guys drinking other than alcoho ... DeanCor... 11 10/29/2015
paranormal activity at home DeanCor... 11 10/23/2015
I got a new musical side project DeanCor... 5 10/12/2015
is there sutch thing has a soul mate or this ... DeanCor... 12 10/05/2015
actually im a nice guy DeanCor... 18 09/25/2015
i went to see godflesh DeanCor... 4 09/18/2015
hello to my gothic friend on gothic match DeanCor... 16 09/14/2015
absinth night anyone? DeanCor... 10 09/06/2015
I'm a creep GypsyWitch11... 40 09/01/2015
i love you guys please respond to my blogs DeanCor... 15 08/30/2015
Black Magic Woman GypsyWitch11... 42 08/11/2015
crap im alcoholic again DeanCor... 21 08/07/2015
Greenlandite awesome!!! gemstone of the century!! ... DeanCor... 9 08/01/2015
I need to Love myself First! MacabreArti... 32 07/11/2015
No Response MacabreArti... 43 07/05/2015
Conceal don't feel or better out than in? Enely... 29 07/04/2015
Absence makes the Heart grow Fonder MacabreArti... 20 07/04/2015
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i discover something european hate north americains
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