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Ohio weather and the residents who are confused

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Everyone who lives in Ohio is aware that this state is indeed the armpit of the nation. (We joke about it regularly) We also know that the weather here is stupid. But wait!! Apparently, we DONT all know this.

Ohio and "The Weather" made some sort of ancient pact when this state was mapped out and they have held to that pact ever since. Ohio, for some reason, decided that he/she would step back and allow "The Weather" to abuse it in any fashion it saw fit, at any time of the year and without mercy. The seasons are generally confused in this state and never know how to act accordingly. Brace for a super hot summer? No. It will feel like the beginings of spring all summer long. Happy that last summer was mild? Yes. Excellent, you will now experience a drought and be plauged by a 107 degree, muggy summer. Love autumn? You bet! Too bad. The last day "The Weather" decides it is summer it will simultaneously decide that the following day starts the first day of winter. Did you enjoy that warm, no-snow winter last year? YES! Dont get comfortable, the next two winters there will be blizzards everyday for three and half months.

So this is basically Ohio weather. Life long residents (or those who have been here for at LEAST 5 years) should know that we have crappy, unpredictable weather, along with basically zero spring or fall. So, one would think that armed with this lifelong knowledge people would be used to this and able to navigate life, the roadways, life, THE ROADWAYS in a somewhat orderly fashion. But NO! I am quite sure that most residents of this state were born with the "tropical island blinders gene". They have literally NEVER seen snow. And by never seen snow I mean to say, they forget what snow is in between each TIME it snows! Radio DJ's regulary make Ohio residents the butt of their weather update jokes any time we have rain or snow. It's true. And the reason for this is how many accidents are reported for "your drive to work".  We are experiencing the heavenly dump trucks laying out 10 feet of snow today? No problem, I can easily navigate these highways at my usual 80 mph speed in this tiny car not meant for incliment weather! It's raining so hard that I may as well have a quilted blanket draped across my windsheild? Not an issue! I can take that corner like a race driver sliding into first place! Unfortunaltely folks YOUR TIRES CANT!!!

So basically we are a state filled with people who regularly gripe about the weather and simultaneously pretend it isnt happening. Living in this state is somewhat of an adventure into a world all its own.

I could chat about the endless road construction and ornage barrels, but thats a whole blog of its own. 


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Ohio State under construction, ALWAYS!