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Some Pet Peeves

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People that do something because it's popular

People who can't see outside their box

PpL DaT tYp LiK dIs

People that bitch and moan about things, but never try to fix them.

People that cut themselves to look cool.

People that bitch and moan when they don't get their way


Desperate idiots who try to get laid over the internet *like on facebox!*

People that are such attention whores, that they HAVE to only take pictures of themselves half-naked, or of their tits/body, just to get comments and, as per usual, attempt to get laid.



Superficial, unintelligent, untalented rappers



Alcoholics that are violent and bitchy when drunk

Nickelodeon nowadays.

"Teenage Dramas" like Degrassi, and really any TV show that tries to portray some stupid fake high school scenarios that are so far from the truth, when people get to high school, it fucks them up.


American idol, and all reality shows



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1 year ago
I totally agree with everything you stated.
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Noodles - Point taken. In fact you had a couple of good points. This clearly points out why I should never try to do two things at once! ie - Drink & watch HBO Docs at the same time, then vent my anger about how fucked up the globe is right now, on a younger girls blog here on GM. I think I've learned a good lesson this time round.I'm still pissed off, but certainly not at her, and in hindsight, I probably should have gone about this in a completely different way. I did however send Lolita a msg a couple of days ago saying it was nothing personal, but here on GM, if I ever have to eat my words, I always do it here in front of everyone just to keep the score level. See you in June dude!
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So if I agree with you then I'm cool and if I disagree then I'm not?

circular I tend to throw in examples to show why I think that way...I don't just say "listen to me because I say so" I say "You guys are being hypocrites because of this and that"

Her blog is just a blog...remember when we had that arguement? That I had no right to complain about other's personal thoughts on their blogs?
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I stand by opinion and say you're all full of crap and being hypocritical...

I was shocked by Mo's whole "There's a war going on man!! There's more imortant things than these frivoulus things" rant...then he''ll write the ever popular "This month's model" or "Fruits that resemble my penis" or "Favorite foods" etc.

Let me put it to you in terms you dear people may understand---------------------->Any time that the crazy people from GM agree with you on something you may have to take another look at your position

As for Chia why so bitter? With Prowler you were all polite trying to explain your point and that guy was garbage...yet some girl says she doesn't like fakes, pedophiles, promiscious people, liars, PeoPle WhO SpEll LiKe ThIS etc and you people are all "Roar!!"

I think her list is frivolus and light BUT only people who worry about being labeled a slut, a fake, a pedophile or a liar should worry it.
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I love the has every other book in it.

Always looking to clarify. Not my opinions, and only my dictionary; maybe others are different. No offence intended, but check the meanings for slut and promiscuous. Rather than argue opinions.

Just don't like to see the kid being vilified like this. me a politician without ego; they run the planet
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Why, thankyou Wytzschia! This joint's gettin ridiculous!
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Get on with it!!!!!!!!! Seriously woman! who the fuck cares? There's REAL shit goin on! Um, like a WAR maybe? Like the whole Planet Is running out of controll, & "OUT OF CONTROLL" guys are shooting up your College Campus's! Let's get back to what's real huh? You & your petty grieviences - Seriously? I'm angry now!
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Funny how this got transmuted into something else. I thought a slut was just a normal sexually active unwed female aka: one who likes sex for what it is, not getting paid. And not a tramp (trying to get a Sugar Daddy). (AKA: a WOMB-MAN.) Yes, a woman who steals another woman's man should get beat up. (Men used to kill each other other over the same.) But a woman unknowingly getting played is not her nor the other's fault, it's the Player's fault. Ladies, teach your sons that their d**ks will fall off if they don't use a condom. What else can I say but there are indeed a lot of stupid girlies and selfish "pri**ks" out there. I think girlies is a better word for what you are experiencing. If you can grow, be decent regardless and mature from it then you won't be a girlie, just a wise woman.
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I'm so glad I only have boys.... I don;t think I could deal with this on a daily basis
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Yep, I agree with Noodles, and I dont, particularly, like most on Innocent Lolita's list.

Promiscuity - as with most things, has a large grey area, due to personal definition.

Manda - you are, obviously, sensible and classy with it, but we've all seen those who aren't. Perhaps Innocent Lolita's idea of it is based on the latter. I tip my hat to her for not wanting to be like them. Used to see it in the bike scene; drunk, they would play up to the boys, then wonder why they had diseases or pregnancies (that the male didn't want responsibility for) and then cried rape in an attempt to regain some dignity. But I do understand that some of these mis-guided types are just looking for attention or affection, due to their loneliness or tragic upbringings. Alcohol has a lot to answer for.

Innocent Lolita - welcome to our clan. It seems like you have good reason to be angry about the crap in your life. It does make one feel better to write it all down and get the poison out. Now, let's hear some of the good stuff.
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People you're all turning into hypocrites...we've all written like or dislike lists...we've all done frivoulus blogs (90% of my blogs)....and Manda read all her stuff twice where does she use the word "Slut" or are you projecting?

Don't you good people start getting all "pack mentality."
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Manda - DAMN, you must be feeling better, I love the rant! :-)

Luna, as an ex-smoker, I say love the smoker and hate the smokes!


PS - How come Walter didn't get on "little-miss-intgelligent-because-she-says-so's" list, I think they are in league with each other...
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Girlfriend, There's people starving all over the world. There are people born into WAR,FAMINE, POVERTY & CHILD PROSTITUTION all over the world every day.! And we're pissed off coz we're "stuck in traffic"? It's hardly "THE MONEY OR THE BOX" Is it? Give me a fucking break!
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1 year ago
Noodles, I have no idea how old she is. And it's not about WHAT you say, but about HOW you say it. But whatever; I couldn't care less. And I'm still laughing.
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Sorry but I agree with her list except Nickalodeon (they do need new Sponge Bob cartoons though) and messing around with someone you met on line...I met my GF here so it all depends.

Otherwise list looks good and no I'm not doing this to score points...I just saw three women attack a little girl for giving her opinion and said "Fuck it." True if she was older it would make more sense but who here likes the things she dislikes?
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1 year ago
Yes, Noodles, but still little Hitler here makes me laugh.
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Sorry kids I agree with the little girl...she can like and hate whatever she wants...and she stuck to her guns even when 3 women came after her to cut her down...good girl.
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1 year ago
LOL!!!! I can only laugh at this! Who the f*ck do you think you are? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Talk about being judgmental! Man...
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Actually, I do not fear my own sexality, I embrace it, and I choose not to give it away to just anyone. nor is my oppinion created by what other people tell me. It is MY OPPINION. Why do I not like people that freely sleep around without regards to the feelings of others?

Perhaps because my father did that to my mother, and I was the consequence he refuses to deal with to this day?

Perhaps because I myself have been in a relationship where i was lied to and used simply so some asshole could get his rocks off?

Perhaps because I know kids age 15-18 who already have children, and either don't take care of them because they don't want them or whose "Baby Daddies" don't give a damn and are letting them struggle on their own?

So yes, i'm just an unintelligent, pre-programmed prude, simply for forming my own oppinion based on my personal beliefs.

And liking videogames is "Superficial"? Oh dear, forgive me for entertaining myself.