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What are your flaws..

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I see the best in everyone.
I procrastinate like Saffer.
Oh, and I fall for guys like Joeboob,
because HE IS A Human GOD!
OK, I used some names!
Oh, I'm sorry, I meant the popcorn!
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A non-caring self absorbed male as I cry over human tragedies.

'I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.' (source: WC Fields) quantifies my distaste in humanity (self included).

23:45 on April 15 is too early to be concerned about doing my taxes.

Maybe I am being too judgmental...
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Too many to list but top 5 MIGHT BE:

1. Pseudo-intellectual "Anatomy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry etc...I be knowing all about that shit."

2. Narcissist "Do these biker shorts make my ass look fat?"

3. Egotistical "Well let me tell you something about the starving children at least their car insurance bill isn't as high as mine." (I'm kidding people...I have Geico)

4. Damn sexy in some red leg warmers while dancing to Wham just like Thanateros dancing to INXS in Ozzieland.

5. Make too many lists
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Plenty. I wear them with pride, but you're a dead person if you point them out to me
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Low self-esteem. Often deep down inside, I believe no one will love me for me. Which effects almost all my social interactions.

I also sometimes stutter. Which makes it very hard talking to people at times without feeling embarrassed.
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Being an adrenalin addict but some of the buzzes aren't nice...won't back down when I know I'm right, no matter who or how big they are, and during the argument will tell them how they came to be like they are. BUT the customer is always right :))

I'm secretly in love with Prowler..
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I am my worst enemy.
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I am a smart ass, perfectionist (not good), I get angry if I am denied sex. I tend to procrastinate on certain things (from the perfectionism). I acumulate clutter in certain rooms of my house. I don't wash my dishes every night (I need an automatic dishwasher!) I can't stand it when people complain that they have to do a little work and want to wring their necks if they do, like a chicken, and eat them for dinner. I hate bad drivers and fantasize about rolling over them in a tank. I talk too much, read too much, try too hard, way too blunt and open, and the worst thing of all (for others) is... I YELL! Oh, about once a week, either in my car or at home. (Lack of sex and/or peace.) Way too cynical (trying to change that.) Way too eager which makes me look stupid and weak and I hate that! Wait a minute, I don't like this blog very much. LOL.
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oo .. flaws.

Let's see .... I'm too analytical sometimes. I tend to over think things a lot. I've been clinically depressed since I was 17. I have zero tolerance for stupidity. Oddly enough, I can be arrogant as hell, but I still tend to dislike myself at times. I'm brutally honest to people and lack the social tact to sugar coat it. I'm crippled by shyness most of the time and don't function well in social situations. I'm too sensitive at times ... and damn near glacial at others. I tend to be a doormat to people I care about. I frown when I read or draw ... drink more coffee than a human being should be able to consume .. and I secretly wish for the obliteration of 95% of the human population.

That about covers it for page 1.
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Im Me.
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Oh god...lets see...I am as subtle as a sledgehammer and blunt to the point of offending, sometimes unnecessarily honest, trusting of people but then walk away too easily when I feel let down, rather lazy, procrastinate,I have a tendency to swap one addiction for another (the lastest is coffee table books on different aspects of Japanese culture), stubborn, caustic at times....I do not want to continue, feeling naked enough thanks lol!
Everyone is a mixed bag of good and bad, there are no exceptions to this rule...only the proportions vary!
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I'm perfect bog's gift to mankind.

That or I procrastinate, am self-destructive, overly cynical, OCD, and I love monkies more than I should. They do get your bathroom monkey clean and monkey fresh.
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Ok, that's good enough for a starter. Appreciate it, I do..

Like I promised.. a couple of mine..

After a week of cat herding on the job (project manager) I have a terrible tendancy to be lazy. I can be found on a typical Saturday, playing X-Box or (God help me) banging out some blog. Laundry can be found piled on the couch next to said X-Box and computer and I, although within 6 feet of it, probably won't fold it. Not until later in the day, maybe.

I drink way too much coffee. Not even that weak ass Foldgers or Maxwell House.. oh no.. only the Bustelo! Once jou go Bustelo, Bebi! Jou e-neber go back! (snap snap).

You share more, I promise to share more.. little at a time, baby steps..
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Oh, and I'm dyslexic!
Wear my heart on my sleeve. hehe
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WOW! Too many to list!
But, here's one, I wear heart on my sleeve.
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Let's see. . . . . I am prone to depression, I have low self esteem, I complain a lot, I am easily annoyed, I tend to hold grudges, I can be vindictive at times, I have a bad temper, I don't trust easily, I rarely give second chances. . . . should continue?
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my flaws...well I used to be trusting...Im no longer that.I am extremely giving.and that can bite you i the ass.I speak my mind and it gets me into LOTS of trouble.If you mean physically...well a few lines here and there and i could loose a few pounds...
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* Cracks open a cold one and sits with a box of popcorn eagerly waiting responses.*