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Posted on May 21, 2017 at 01:55 AM

Too much cleaning today.

However I do take joy in mowing lawns when they come out just perfect. Perfect lines, length, the lush green and the smell of freshly cut grass. If I see one blade higher than the others, I'll spot it from yards away & remow that entire line. Good time to meditate. The zen of the mow.

The cacophony of the engine drowns out the world around you & you can just focus on the Earth at your feet. The whole allergies part really fucks it up sometimes though. Then there's the micro (or macro destruction) element. When you hit a hedge of weeds & fight with it, the destruction brings satisfaction.

It may sound boring to you, but I take pride in my work & like to admire it's completion along with the process itself.

As mentioned, I cleaned my truck as well as my apartment, both look nice but I HATE CLEANING. 

My truck & it's tires are nice and shiney however. When I hosed off the undercarriage, all the goddamn roadsalt from the winter finally came free. Seriously, it was a fucking ridiculous amount.


Maybe next week I'll do the ball joints(upper & lower) along with the pittman/idler arm. Depends on the weather. The quicker that I get it done & do an alignment, the quicker summer crusing comes. No long distance driving til then :(

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