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Being introverted and painfully shy has its days

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I (yet again) reveal a tiny bit about myself. The title of this one is self explanatory. Thanks to my choir teacher I can sometimes tell someone to go sit on a catcus among other things. Here though, I don't talk to anyone. Of course it's easy to figure out why.

Occasionally, people are 'scary'.  (Stranger danger. That campaign was the worst campaign against child safety. It taught children that strangers are shadowy people in trench coats lurking around to kidnap you. There's a random fact for you.) Sure, we all have our flaws but we are truly unique in our own ways. Here I am typing this up instead of socializing and feeling desperation alongside fear. Desperation is only a word. One word that doesn't apply to me unless I want it to. Say what you will, but I am happy.

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1 year ago

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