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Posted on Sat, Oct 15, 2016 01:50 AM

When you love ssomeone it come from the heart

when you hate someone it come from the heart

when you scorn someone your a devil it dosen come from heart , you have no soul your not remotly human and should be take care whipeout or worst genocide in all race, we dont need people like this in ours sociéty it deconstructed the world.

Beleive me when i says someone that hate you  dosen feel something is heart in turmoil because of you when you scorn someone out of nothing this is from the heaten this is clearly satanic...

People like this should not exist at all im categoric...

So i say like jesus love your lovers and love your hater,  there hate might venished but scorn last evermore and you go straight to hell, since this is a capital sin.

Your heart and soul mean everything, if you have no heart or no soul you have no conscience too and your probably a monster to the same level of serrial killer and pedophile.

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