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what happening?

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Well so far, im drinking a bottle of wisky , scottish one of course thus said why bother whit american or canadian

wisky hmm scottish and some irish know how to make a good wisky hey??

Than i having small events at home, i invited my friends over instead of visiting them, they had invited me so i invite em.

Seem logical polite and rational.


My brandy and wisky is for them than perhaps i will by cognac for new year eve??


Seem tasty hey? what about it...


I still have some cash so i will try to enjoy life whit it, im invite on a party new year eve...

Since im poppular they want to see me and put pressure on me to see me so be it then.


Friday im hosting an event att home a get togheter kinda of kind of, 4-5 person maximun.

Beyond this number i dont like it, i like it when it restricted private and so on.


What are you guy up to?



p.s i organised events since the end of november each week  or so, i did like 5 event at home.

Im the perfect host, your thirsty i got something for you  your hungry i got something for yah

and so on and on and on.