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the devil for dummy 101 i testified has an agnostic dude

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I had doupt that god exist , there is only good spirits and bad spirits, but the devil exist, i was attack 3 time in my life and fought back, this is why i wear these talisman this is why i burn franckencens almost everyday.


I know shit load of information on demonic attack, like per se, satan always attack whit at lest two demons he never alone, since he is a cowards.


For me there is no proof of good but i had proof angels might exist and help me in my fight against the devil...

Im not some Jehovah Witness trying to convinced you to come to god, im not there to tell you fear satan wrath...


No after 3 attack , i will keep on ighting and he know it, so i guess he leave me alone and i leave em alone

Budhism thinking hear no evil see no eevil speak no evil.


I wont tell you folks my talisman but there all costum made in silver and cost a fortune so far, and guys never tell any stranger what your using , because the devil has agents you never know... i had this experience whit one ring i had to sanctified it many time.


After being attack by him i was fearfull not now, i understood one thing, if your faith is strong or will to survive, if your a fighter and pack him '' fews punchs'' you probably understand what im talking about, psychic warfare, psychic protection ect...


Im not supersticieous and dont wwear these talisman for nothing, not just look but serieous protection '' angelic paladin'' protection but i dont have wings.I would like to says the following i past test for schizoprenia im clean of this illness so i did not hallucinated these 3 attack and i become a warrior in the process, jesus may not like im but i find he too soft on him, jesus  is one of the good benevolant soul but he can't do anything he limited  so i preffered to be repared on my own , whit shield armor helmet and a sword of psychic warfare garnement.


Im pretty serrieous when i says the devil is real, before i was like you and did not beleive he actually exist, but after 3 coonsecutived attack, that harrassement, next time he attack me if there is a next time he will pay the price and im not telliing you what i will do, im not alone but in an inner circle of mystics a brotherhood not a sect or a religion.


Our goal is to run him out of this world, to fight him, im in a sacred paladin organisation that i can't name they activelly fought satan for centurie's.


Atheism is dangereous because he can and will possessed you or can kill yu, i subject people to adopt at least non practicant agnostic fate, because the more you scorn god or goodness or jesus or chruch the more you will be an easy target, i realized this after the last attack, dont get me wrong i dont pray or go to church but i have inner strenght,im ready for a fight whe there one, especially against thee wicked ones and his stooges.


I swear to god or science im not making this up or lying to make myself interresting...i  wish this would happen 3 darn time, this is way too mutch, i was anger for a long time and wont to destroy him....


But he a spectre he can be destroy like this i need artifact or war accessory im almost finish im gonna have this new bracelet than bam if he try again to annoy me he gonna get it, im not tell you guys my stone of protection and defense, my kryptonite gainst the devil.


And by the way the devil is older than the bible itself, he date aat least present in babylonia, so he ancient cunning and wise this i wont deny but, you can outsmart him if smart enought dont fall into his games.


This year i seen a siigil of a pentacle  5 branch and a goat head in the middle in red flash in from of my eyes in the living room for a mere 3-4 second, i  was like hmm he watch me.There are way to scare him away whiteout jesus, there is multiple way, that for safety i wont mention.


The devil  a strong adversary but not invincible he can be defeat, but here the thing whit this, since he has agents each time he defeated he summon again and bring back to life again by  satanical oligarchy, theistic satanists protects satan fate, thus said you can defeat him but in 15-30 days he might chrge you again and comback.


So be ruthless whit the devil, if you fight him insulted him again again and again, show your strenght show your not scared of him or his brood.


The one million dollars question is what criminal satanical network bring him back to life always, there got to be  a major group of satanist to do this, and im not targeting jews or whatever.But i will says the following the satanic network his a conglomerat of anglo-saxon first and for most french, italian, thus meaning there is a satanic world mob in every european and america, just like england and australia, every white country or caucasian country he has a foot in trought agent so if there is jews they play a minor role, there part of a conglomerat not all of them but some of them just like anglo-saxon and other nationality.


In order to fight him(the vile one) we most put an end to whoever bring him back to life  who summon him after he nuke, there got to be a group of peoples on this planets, perhaps satan has a business cover up, who know?


Now im asking you or you brave enought to fight him and become a paladin, any nationality is  authorize to join, if you feel though enought for this job, manifest and respond to this blog.


I know some of his weakness therefore if he attack me he finished he know it, by god mean!

It's the old 3 strike and your out for good, im not joking this ain't some bluff, but since he leave me alone

i wont fight him relentlessly , the smart thing to do.


But if hhe ever attack you be preppared my friend have you ever seen actual demons ishe hairy floating whit a tail, this is something i wish wont happen to you, i wish it wont happen to my worst enemy understand,he a deceiver , he socunning and mental.


The devil his like a mental patient is an asylum but not treated for his mental disorder he stay this way forever and evermore, I did psychanalysis on him ala freud & Jung once and he resent it, i anticipated him , when he talk to me and try to con me...clever.


So yes dont provoked him but if he attack you counter attack, i unfortunetly can tell you my methods for driving satan out whiteout jesus or god...


Lastly dont be fools there are ignorant atheistic people that like st thomas dosen beleive what they never seen most peoples are like him, but like him i had prove devil exist and REAL demon worshipper and summoners, these asshole should be terminated there too dangereous, and the law protect them, we need a global christian mob a conglomerat of catholic protestants and orthodox agnostic or beleiver to fight him back togheter and stop animosity between each fraction of christian. Christian unionist... if we would do this , devil would be in deep shit, he know it this.


So iask kindly has a catholic to protestant and orthodox

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