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ruby or saphir?

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Ockay for newbie in gemstones world a red saphir is called a ruby, the other color or called saphir espaially blue one

i love the stone.


I have some blue saphir and some ruby, love the ruby more, dont know why...

im attracted to this stone, im a soul of ruby i guess.


It give me strenght confidence will power , everything.


Maybe ruby is a man stone , the energy it emulate, the feeling , and saphir is more



Anyway what is your favorite?


If you want twice the power use ruby and blue saphir has in junction combo materia,

this dose sound a bit like FF7 i know its old by i love that game, i did had a date whit yuffie

hehehe, but lets stay in the subject.


I wanna know if you guys have tale about ruby or saphir, what people, nationality like ruby

or saphir on this planet , who ''worship'' this stone?


Than  what about saphir has i mention the stone come is blue but other color, what about green

or yellow i heard these exist but i never seen some.


What is the best part about these two stones well there hard , not like diamond but close

on the MONS scale.So there nice for jewelery they could be a life changer if you lack

in self esteem or confidence, ruby protect yah from danger supposely, while blue saphir

give you wisdom somesort of edge.


That about it, please participate to my blog i like it when i type post and some show iterrest.

have a nice year, 2015 brave new year