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psychic vamp protection and recovery

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A golden ring dosen protect yah, you need a silver ring whit a ruby or peridot whit this your in buziness, you can have a nice tiger eyes necklace or black tourmaline, than son you have a shield and armor hehe


Im not kidding it work


But beware of the following, sometime a vamp may get use to your psychic protection tools or talisman you need to work different crystals.


Because some psychic vamp are that strong its in there human nature subconcieous, meaning they do it all the time whiteout knowing some do it purposefully but are rare.


You think im kidding or fooling around i know what im talking about trust me, before when i did not work the stone i had these headaches feeling of drouzyness, braindead ect.


After i started protecting myself i notice more energy less back pain a better health see..

psychic vamps cause auric damage it can be repair but the process is long.


Once a psychic vamp nearly kill me, i notice sign like redness were my chakra were this is never a good sign and i was tired all the time i could not fonction,i had problem sleeping even if i were tired ect.


So i realized i needed somesort of protection, these individual can be real dangereous for mental emotional and physical health in the end, so you better be protect against these son of a bitches, before they attack.


Than if you ask me what to do after a psychic attack, use afghanite for headache indulce by these attack, put it under your pillow have a good sleep, to recover from the attack put fulgurite on your third eye and master heart chakra wait 20 minute, while resting on your bed empty your mind relax.


So this is my psychic vamp protection 101 for dummy, try it if you dont beleive me


Than i forgot to mention sometime psychic attack mess up your chakra alignement so you need to stabilized your chakra  whit stone like peridot rose quartz or kunzite.Verrify what i said experiment, ok it may cost yah cash to gather these stones but they are worth it.


Not doeing anything is stupid auric damage can lead to depression than suicide or sickness ...