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i discover something european hate north americains

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People that whatch my profile are americain solely, no anglophone kkknadian whatch my profile or comment

no european either....

What European and japanese see americains or north americain has trash,we always here from media we americain or north americain  are monster toward european, but in areverse way european see us has cheap poor and moronic

and fucking think there better than us.

It's not chauvinism it's racism anti americain or north americain racism...

As for kkknada, they dont respond to my post because most of them or anglo saxon and scorn french speaker

especially my kind. What about quebec well theree a bunch of ultra leftist they hate me because they have there transgender friend or there jihadist mulsim friend and they hate me...

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go fuck yourself doug ford

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I think they just dislike your poor spelling habits lack of grammar skills. 

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Sadly the presidents of the US have been bullying everyone since they got nuclear power, and that you don't see that, and believe what your press say😔, a lot of fake news, not all but alot, and cover up stories. I don't have anything against you or Russians, but everyone else seems to be brain washed, "look at what our fantastic goverment has done" and we bilieve it, but they haven't done shit, like fighting the bad guys in Syria. And who are the bad guys?  Another example, food comercials, or mtv; before they had good music (our type) after 10 pm, now its only shit all day long, and they're payed to do so by the big companies to brain wash the kids into likeing the shit.


Bottom line is; 99% of the US is brainwashed into thinking their goverment is doing good in the world, while the rest of the worlds goverments lick your goverments arse, and the ppl of those countries don't like any of it. But we don't hate YOU!

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