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a post about jews, from a non racist goyim point of view?

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Sefardi gurls , spanish looking jews lady look a t me like yum, what a hunk,  because im muscular slim look good feel good, i just dont know


while askenazi look at me like i was satan own reincarnated in flesh, a nazi an ss or i dont know, but i dont wont to says there jerks and sefardi are kosher and fun.


But let test deancorso what time of jewish lady would i like to score


a) Neve Cambell


b) nathalie portmann


The answer is A no doupt


end of the story, for me, i hope i was entertaining.

I hope you guys dont think im an evil dreaufull antisemite do you? if so shame on you


But whit this said i dont care or beleive in antisemite persecution, it's not a question of being wrightfull or wrong.



Lisen if an antisemite save your life once would you hate them...


Anecdote once in high school wigga bully 2 meter tall started harrassing me, than one skinhead said to me  later on you know these bastard that were annoying you... we pulverized them whit baseball bat to a pulp


One in a coma and breathe whit tube one is dead...


But question ask question answer i dont hate jews 

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Read a fucking book and learn to spell, you illiterate retard.
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1 year ago

I'd ask what you're smoking, but dude, truly, I do not want to know....