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"Angel of Death...March to the Kingdom of the Damned"-Slayer

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LOL! (It's Comcast.) Why is this song going through my head? I must have an earworm. SO I closed up my shop, was unpacking night before last, and chunked my left thumb. So I am home today resting and hoping I can feel it. I think I have permanent damage. It's an aclusion I think. When I slipped with the flathead screwdriver and it went into the side of my thumbnail and pushed up the nail it RIIIPPPED the cuticle off. It's swolen and probably infectoid, but I hate "doctors". (Well, "PA's)

Reclaiming my life back by working by appointment only. Everyone on the rack can hide and go F*** themselves. The Seamstress is more important than the sewing job.

I see people walking around and I think of the Slayer song above. I want to feel holiday funtimes coming my way but I didn't even decorate for Halloween. I would like to do a kickstarter or community funded or one of those things to raise money for an old victorian or warehouse or something to reopen the sewing lounge. In the meantime I will have my apprenti make the long skirts, dresses, corset tops, cinchers, bustles, vests (high buttoned westkits) and coats and just try to wholesale them...or I might just close down and get this special neck & spine  surgery. (Still haven't heard back from the study. I know someone who had it. Makes me so hopeful.) I was asked to go to Uganda in June to teach the women how to make recycled clothes. Stupid lazy Americans suck!


I looked at FB and saw some people taking IQ tests saying they all got 126 or so. No. No, no, no, no, no! These people do NOT have gifted IQ's. Look at the test they gave you in school. If you didn't get a test in school then you are average (between 85-115). The tests they are taking are inaccurate. Maybe these tests are changing just like the vanity clothing sizes. It must be a sliding scale system. Somehow I'm a genius now. What????!! No! GIfted, not genius. WTH!!!!

It's so weird that I'm so detached. I've been trying so hard to fight off this killer cold and depression. I miss my shop! What a waste of my time, money and life when the lords of the land can pull the rug out from under you at any time. I soooooo much want to DROP OUT. (Read Timothy Leary's book "The Politics of Ecstasy".)

Weed is legal here now. Let's see what happens. So many dumbsh*ts abound and too many greasy auras around. It's sickening how many homeless people there are. Gasoline is $2.26 a gallon today so that's a happy thing! Inflation of food, goods, and housing is unreasonable...just like the 18 1/2 page lease the new owners tried to shtoink me with.

Windows 7 sucks so bad. You see I am now typing on a regular "QWERTY" keyboard on a desktop. My typing is accurate. Windows 7 just doesn't respond well for people who know how to use a typewriter. I have to get a "smart" phone (aka "phablet") for the biz now. 40 hours of my time was wasted with comcast only to find they were pulling the same tactics as last time I moved my shop and that I don't have enough outlets to install all of their equipment. My industrial tools are essential. Their crap is not.

Anybody here want to comment that would be great. Only 15% of people around the whole world will speak up. The rest just don't have the courage and/or don't care. Stupid humans. It would be nice to go to college and study sociology and brainwashing. It would be fun to gain more knowledge on how to get the zombies to follow me without knowing it. (I really want to stay under the radar.) Oh well, I suppose I'll have to run for city council soon to fight the good ole boys club. 

Anyone have any thoughts on my idea of a "RAT TRAP TAX"? Damn new old money and their personal storage/ vacant commercial properties. I have a plan to help people in this economy. Either that or Robin Hood needs to step up as well as shoot the regular pirate hoods.

"EVERYBODY'S A PIRATE!" (Said in a Scottish accent, of course.) Where are all those true no b/s punks and new wave/goth gents? What about the classy ladies? Where did they all go? 

It sucks that I don't see my internet friends post on here anymore.

I hope my thumb isn't dead. If they chop it I'll be so pissed!