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''normal post'' happy x-mas, mix idea, the precious is mine

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Godammit i scrub two of my finger that were all stain now its red, i bleach my finger now it look burn is it better?

im planning on quitting smoking when i have my ring, yep im gonna have a custom made ring, its gonna be awesome.


I already have two golden ring, big deal, but this one gonna be nice,a silver ring, nothing two fancy,whit a nice stone put on it of my choice yeah this is rad.


Common respond to my darn blog im not some ''extremist'' dont get carried away, What do you guys think,oh and by the way happy x-mas or hannukah or whatever?


I feel the magic of x-mas time and i want to share it whit you all even if you are luceferian satanic freemason its ok its x-mas time, so i wont be nasty or anything.



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it was the worst day of the year


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Happy Christmas!