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Rolling Dreads. Moving shop. The mafia awaits.

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Rolling my long hair in back into dreads. Well a little. I'm just letting them do their thing. Moved a bunch of fabric bolts to a secure indoor storage unit. Moving into a small studio downtown at the end of the month is making me nuts! They sold my haunted building. Tripling the rent. Two mob guys at 6'4" and one at  6'7" came in to intimidate me, plus a bunch of others and the new owners are oilie. My lawyer said the lease was unreasonable (even after I haggled them down and into a two year) and advided me against it.  I'll miss it, but I need a peacful change. By appointment only! I'll loose the drive by and walk by traffic, and no more retail and no more sewing lounge. Too bad. My rate will still go up. The local ghoat hunters were supposed to come in the Saturday before Halloween to set up overnight and try to catch the phantom/disturbances. They cancelled via EMAIL less than two hours before. Yup they're loosers. I arranged my schedule around it and I have a storefront. Dumbsh*ts for sure. Another chance will not be given.


Everyone is insane. I feel so happy in my sancuary, and now my work will be a peacful sancuary with no walk ins, no salesmen, no mob, no theives, and no stupid people ruining my goods.


This way I'll have more time to actaully work on my house again. Plus take care of myself and my loved ones. I'm sick of working so hard just to get in to work! (It takes 2-3 hours every morning to manage my pain.) THen I can travel again. YEAH! Even though I'm disappointed, I'm also excited that I'll have less stress and be happier. Staying away from zombies, devils, and idiots is definately way more fun!