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My Insurance company keeps denying coverage for my insulin (humalog) that i've been taking for about 21 years.

 When I was in my early twenties, it was $25 for a months supply of that one insulin, i need to take two to survive.

 Last year it shot up to between $340-$370 for a months supply of 3 vials.


Today.... $730/vial.








This is not a new medicine (humalog has been around for close to 30 years with zero changes to it) , not even this particular brand that I've been taking almost all of my life. I've never switched brands/types as it is medically necessary for me to fucking live

 This isn't some goddamn allergy medicine for the sniffles or colored contact lenses, THIS IS FUCKING INSULIN, SOMETHING REQUIRED TO NOT DIE AN EXCRUCIATING & SLOW DEATH.

  A MASSIVE sized FUCK YOU to the entire medical industry for allowing this to happen. FUCK YOU & YOUR GREED.

 I hope everyone involved gets Type 1 diabetes & incurable, painful cancer. I want their families to watch them die this slow painful death for not stepping in and saying enough is enough. Screw it, that fate I mentioned, I hope their entire families get it too.