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Mystery of crystals

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Some might argue natural crystal are best modified crystal are lame and just color striking in your face well let me tell you the following some natural crystal are better some modified crystal are better, there is no right answer to this, only try and error and that it.


But i would state the following argument if your novice in crystal world than you should choose natural crystal.Tumble or not , but i do preffer tumble stone.The modified quartz like aqua aura or quartz tanzine aura, or quartz angelical aura are for advanced crystal user.


This is my verdict, so im not against one or another, i tried them and these ar my conclusions.Common guys comment on my darn blog because i know you guys read me ockay have a good days ockay and if you dont like me fuck you ockay hehehe


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I like natural cut cracked geodes. But rubled are great for cabachon pendants. I always have cut quartz prisms in my window since I was little. It does something but I don't want to say what on the internet. I like you Hehehe!