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Im drinking Brandy this time of year, you guys like this ?

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Yeye shawll an irish winter shawll be under brandy , i love this stuff, it's the cognac of the poor, i bought a hudge bottle when it's over i bought another one...


But dont thin im drinking my ass on x-mas time , this year im moderated i dont go out but do happening at my house, a happening is a small party of maximun 5 person, so i got  guess soon this week-ends two day in a row, real nice.


Now i most make sacrifice , not spend too mutch,  so im doeing the best i can not to spend, i allready spent some amount of cash , so i starve on apples oranges, tuna pita , springwater bottles, tea, coffee, smokes, no fast food no big 20$ snacks because it's expensive in the end.


what about it folks? and of course brandy?


hmm hmmm yum


You guys are not real alcoholics, hey lisen 1.14 whit a belgium friend we drank several 1.14 litre of Brandy togheter

we would sunk the bottle in a night.


Any Brandy lover here?

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Now im drinking wisky from scotland a big bottle 1.14 litre on great taste, i wont buy cheap canadian or american  wisky, this would be blasphemy, only irish and scottish can pull a greatt wisky, yah know hmm


And comment my darn post ockay stop bitching ockay and stop doeing this shit ockay

have a nice day...