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I need a capacitor

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I was scouring the junk stores today to calm the pain of the aforementioned UPS event & for $5 I got a 400 watt power inverter ( run a drilldo in your car like you would at home or maybe charge your laptop in your car, like normal folks), a CB radio (stuck on channel 9, that channel only being for emergency communication by FCC "regulation"), two microphones, an antenna & a external speaker.

At Goodwill, I found a book on ARC welding procedure. Self explanatory, I need to brush up on my welds. Also found one of those complaint dept signs with a pull number attached to a grenade.


You're probably asking, "WTF are you talking about & WTH can you do with ANY of that?"


1) annoy people with the loud intercom speaker. I use the PA function to yell at idiot drivers on my CB. It brings me GREAT joy & does wonders to alleviate road rage.


2) I can charge my laptop in my truck whilst stealing wifi/hacking, and here comes the explanation of the title. My need for a capacitor. The converter has an alarm going off for a short when I plug it in. I opened it up & one of the capacitors blew (they blow @ 180°C so someone was being an idiot & running TWO drilldos, maybe four). Easy fix BUTTTTT after tearing apart multiple appliances of the 12v nature, I can find closeee but not correct. Meaning the cap that blew was on the 120v side of the board. Time to find a TV to rip apart or just go to radio shack like a normal human.  I always have to do everything the hard way. Seriously.


3) As stated before the CB radio can be used to annoy but also find out where cops are hiding for speed traps. The antenna that came with it is a HUGE upgrade form my current unit. When I fix the hack job of wire/solder in the CB I got today,I can either A) save it for grid down communication from home or B) sell it for a large profit.


I stopped at yet another second hand store which only angered me. The chic with a scorching case of crotch rot wouldn't let me use the power adaptor to test a laptop before I bought it, she said "it might go missing".  HOW THE F*** would it go missing if you're watching me, you fn bimbo? Was so pissed I didn't even buy the wooden Mjolnir box, just left.


Stopped at yet one more....nothing of substance to be found. Nice owner/assitant though, had a conversation about old stereos & how badly I need one that will play metal as it should be heard.


My jaw hurts ALOT. No relief in sight :(