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Gemstones of the great north are wonderfull...

I love nuummite ( a black stone): i use it to protect me from black magic

I love tugtupite ( a pink stone) i use its has a love talisman...


Shungite is wonderful too its a grounding stone

What about charoite this is awesome as well for psy protection.


Im more familiar whit em them southern stone..

my soul come from the great great north..





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yes EnelyaS some stone are for bi-polar (i.e) charoite or people that are depress lepidolite has lithium in it, or heart broken rose quartz(i.e).So yep they are healing stone  for mental health or emotional health .


Gemstone can do almost everything, some make yah lose weight or evacuate toxin out of your system too like the bloodstone or red jasper.


I recommend the cystal bible by judy hall tome 1-3 but especially tome 1, because it has all the primental  stones.

But tome 2 and especially tome 3 are hard to get stone, new ones on the market so i would  not  recommend these, but still have fews gemstones of crystal bible 2-3.


I got many other book  on the subject.

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are there any to help with mental health?