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GIANT FULL MOON TONIGHT that's all you're allowed to say!

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Remember when these phrases meant something:

"No!" (Now it's, "Or not." p.s. you should not have had children.)

"Children should be seen and not heard."

"Children should only speak when spoken to."

"Do your chores."

"Is your homework done? O.K. Now you may eat." ("Oh it's not? No food for you!")

"Are your chores done? O.K. here's your allowance."

"We eat what Mom makes for dinner."

"Mom's home! Let's bring in those grocery bags." ("Yeah! Food!!!")

"Hi Boss Iwent to get a coffee, here's one for you."

"You have the rights I give you."

"I love my Mom and Dad."

"I love my kids." (Not I love them to death?)

This hurts me more than it hurts you. (True.)

"Behave yourself or you will be left out..taken out...punished...ostracized."

"Fat!" (=no self control)

"Thank you for considering me for this job."

"I'll get it done"


ANY MORE???? ANY TAKERS>>>>> Children and young people should shut up and listen. You really have nothing to say...FOOL...not much to offer but willingness to work your a** off. And seriously? "Willing to take a job/" OMG.


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Oh Ill listen...I just won't hire them.