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Ever see gremlins?

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Well this junk store I found may just be the twin of the shop in that movie, except a perverted paki owns it.


I pull into an alley between a p.r. bakery & an abandoned whatever brick building. The owner greets me with a funny paki-ized American greeting. I'm looking for a ac adaptor, the search begins. He has BINS of used panties (yes i almost yaked, you could see stains from about ten feet away). I hax to move those bins to get to what I'm looking for. Held my breath.


Wandering further back I find a pair of speakers almost as tall as me. I ask how much, he gives some lecture on how they're worth thousands(they're not....they may sound good but they're white van material.), he says "I lowered the price from $1000 to $500 to $200, no buyers. Make me an offer". I said let me measure them & make sure I have room at home first.....time stall to do my research.


Turns out they sound great but are indeed a no name crap brand. I might offer him a semi-broken stereo in trade. These things *should* rattle the neighbor's fillings with morbid angel playing through them.


If I do get them, they would look strange sitting next to my Bang & Olufsen RL6000 speakers, those are top of the line.



Btw, I didn't find gizmo but there were boxes of shitty beany babies. Close enough I suppose.