Autumn wishes

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Y'know sometimes I wish my life was like a novel. Let my emotions fly, be crazy in love, and go adventuring with my lover.. Be able to be upset and drive over to the beach. Only to have Him (or a very special Her) show up with a single dried red rose or sweep me off my feet literally and kiss me so passionately my head spins. Maybe have John Hughes direct my life? Long shot but I want some 80's like stuff y'know? Serenade me with a boom box outside my window. Wait for me outside work so I can run over to you and into your arms. Kiss me in the rain like it's the most important thing you need to do. I know it's a lot to ask but y'know what? I've dealt with enough shit in my life that I deserve some old fashioned romance. The man who does this for me is truly some one I could consider special. Some one I could bend backwards for. Sadly I've yet to find somebody like that. You wanna say my standards are too high? That's fine, but don't EVER expect me to lower my standards because you can't stand up to the bar. I know what I want and I will be willing to compromise on occasion but it will be about trivial things.. No one should have to give up their standards because only so many can make it.. If it's a semi-realistic standard why not? I'm not asking for him or her to fart rainbows or stuff like that.. What I'm asking for is some one who will remind me of just how special I am to them. Some one to hold me back from the ledge and bring me back when I need to most.