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Anyone like Cognac here hmm?

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I bought some cognac from france,  Belle de Brillet to celebrate new year eve whit friiends

but i kept some for me for the after when i get home that is.


And france still suck and les français too, but i aknowledge there cognac , brandy , cointros and grand marnier 

is tasty lol. 


Deuxio i lisen to franco-flemish classical composer of the renaissance era this dosen suck...

but les français are not what they use to be, more gentelmen less rude less degenerate like

they have become.




Sorry for picking on der frensch but der frensch are son of a fuck, since i had french neighbor they call the cops on me complains , and hit the wall whit a baseball bat becose i put music during boxing days party at only 12 pm.


go to hell frogger hehehe stupid smelly no class, were are the distinguished français of renaissance they all died

to let this contry to kermits...


Happy new year everybody