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5 Years and Counting  (Married)
GhostWriter1910 and Lithus, New Orleans, United States, Mar 04, 2014
When I joined GM in spring of 2006, I marked a handful of other profiles as 'favorites' and managed to chat with all of them except for this one person, who only replied to one email and then seemed to drop of the site. Since he was in Washington state and I was in Massachusetts ~ and not looking for anything serious anyway, I didn't think much of his disappearance.
By late summer, my professional life had gotten very busy and I knew I wasn't going to have time to be online as much as I had been, so set about closing down my profile ~ but I couldn't quite bring myself to un-favorite this one guy, even though I'd never seen him on; his profile was just too intriguing.
The last week before my membership lapsed, I logged on and a heart in the chat room caught my eye ~ Lithus was online. Finally. And he was as interesting in person as his profile had been. Instead of losing touch at the end of that week, we agreed to keep in touch. And did we ever.
We moved in together in 200... Read Full Story>>

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My soul mate  (Engaged)
Luna1993 and Doshaburi, Roma, Italy, Apr 09, 2013
^^I have a poor english,i hope you can understand.
i write this also for when the future my child ask me "mom how did you know my dad?"i can show she/he this XD

Ok,it is very funny i find him.because i almost don't believe can find someone on the internet,to tell the truth i think i cant find my true love,i just have to lonely all my life.
i often wink somebody who i like his photo or file,but i dont believe someone of them will report me and him is one of them.
he report me,and send me his this time i dont think other just think he is a good and funny guy.

he believe i am the right one of his life,but i dont sure,and we keep chat about 2 months and i have a little feeling to him.this feeling become very strong,i dont know how to
describe them,but really very special,this isnt like two people stay together and feel good so stay feeling(also his feeling)is,i can know him and he also know my,even if haven't say,but we can know.this... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

believe your feeling and be more mature

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Megatronic and xxsweetchickxx94, Oklahoma City, United States, Feb 06, 2013
My sweet Kayla and I met through in December 2010. We were friends until around August 2011, when my ex Jessi broke my heart. I was suicidal and wanted to die, but my wonderful Kayla saved my life. The first time we met in person, we were cuddling, and when I broke down in tears (I was still heartbroken over my ex at the time), she just held me close and comforted me. She has always been there for me, and I have always done my best to be there for her. When I'm around her I can't help but be happy and smile, and she's always smiling and giggling. I love falling asleep next to her and holding her in my arms, and I know that when I need someone, she'll always be there for me.

Advice to other members:

Don't ever give up, because when it seems like everything is at an end and there's no hope left, the sun will come up over the horizon and you'll find that special one :)

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Our story  (Engaged)
chokesp and artisticdreamer, Castro Valley, CA, United States, Mar 04, 2012
I have been on Gothicmatch for years, on and off, last year I met my mate, just suddenly she was there and has been ever since. I have been unknowingly looking, but always in the wrong place. After this now I know what it was but I guess I just wasn't ready. With her, things changed, I changed, I had the desire to make it work and not lose her. As she says, "we are soul mates from a very long time ago, sometimes it takes more then one life time to find that mated soul you had to give up from a time before."

Advice to other members:

Just keep trying

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True Love  (Other)
LaMortMonAmoureux and Phattytatty, Olivehurst, United States, Sep 12, 2011
I saw him on here and thought he was good looking so emailed him and from their we took only a few day before we both had fallen in love but it was going to be hard for us cus at the time he was in indiana and i in california...but still we made it work, i took a chance and went to meet him...the first time i saw him i knew he was the one for me, he asked me to marry him and i said yes right away...before we could start planning our wedding we had a wonderful son and after 5 years of being together and being a family we planned out our wedding finally which was going to be a Nightmare Before Chirtmas wedding...only thing is i didn't know how dark of a place he was in...he pushed everone away, including me and our son and didn't want on july 15, 2011 he took his life...we had 7 amazing years together and i wouldn't trade them for anything in the world and if i had to do it all over again i'd do it in a heart beat cus he was a wonderful person who showed me so much... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

when you find the one don't let go, love and treasure each moment with each other, you never know what tomorrow holds