I will read your dreams nightmares

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    I had 3 Bad Dreams at night lol who ever gets that feeling of ghosts i do but not in my dreams there scarying the F**K out of me!!!! i will not say.....
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    It's a really long one, but bear with me, because I've been wondering about this dream for a really long time.

    It starts in a field of wheat. Golden and endless, surrounded by peaked mountains in the distance, with a single path winding through the field towards a city. Outside the walls of the city, the sky is blue and perfectly clear. But inside the boundaries of the grey-walled city, a single, massive cloud is suspended overhead, drizzling rain constantly. When I arrive at the gates of the city, they are locked. But all the locks, dead-bolts and chains are on the outside of the door, where I'm standing, and the key hangs on a nail beside the door. I take it off and unlock the gates, and go inside. Inside the city, I am looking for my father. In my dream, I have never met him, but he has sent me letters, and the last one's address is within the city. But when I show it to the people around me, they say nothing. The town is colorless, painted in hues of grey and washed-out blue and sepia, and the architecture is akin to a fairy-tale village, but cramped together into a city. I finally find the address. It is a dilapidated mansion, surrounded by a spiky wrought-iron fence. When I knock on the door, an old man opens it and says that there is no one home. I turn to leave. On my way out, a man passes by, and bumps into me in his haste. He is sharply dressed in a black suit and top hat. An attractive man, but that is not what draws my attention. A red scarf is at his throat, the first and only vivid color I have seen in the city. He apologizes, helps me up, and kisses my hand. After he has gone, I realize that where he has kissed it, my knuckles are bleeding. I go to the door of the house again, and knock once more. This time the man in the scarf opens it. I ask after my father, and he takes me to him.
    My father is locked inside a room in the house, sitting at a desk, writing furiously. Letter after letter is piled up around him, all addressed to me and my mother, huge stacks that reach the ceiling of the room, but when I go to him and try to talk to him, he pays no attention to me. I might as well not be in the room. He's too busy writing to me and my mother.
    The next part of the dream gets weird. I'm working in a pastry shop in the city, while I'm waiting for my father to regain his sanity. A customer asks for a slice of cake (you know, in one of those glass jars) but when I try to take it out, the cake starts crumbling, and I can't put it on the plate. I eventually just have to dump it in a *bowl*. Walking home from work, I see the man again, and this time he's with one of the local girls, telling her all this bull about how he's going to take her away from all this if she'll just let him kill her and drink her blood. And I go completely nuts, yelling and cursing and throwing stones at him like you would trying to drive off a wild dog. And after I've *saved* her, the girl has the nerve to complain about it. Because she's one of those twerps who thinks that it's romantic and doesn't think about the fact that she's going to *die*. I get back to the mansion and find the man in the red scarf, and I'm so angry that I could spit, which really isn't like me at all. I'm not an angry person. But when I find him and start raging, he doesn't say anything at all. Just sits on the bed with his head in his hands and takes it.
    And then I wake up.
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    Dear dreamistress, this dream occurred years ago but I will never forget it. I was at a beach in the Sydney area that I know well, I was with a woman with dark hair and black clothing that was a witch. I remember being on top of her as she lay on the sand, and kissing her deeply. I hope one day to recreate this dream into real life.
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    K so how would you go about interpreting me practically being in a transformers movie?
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    it's me again.

    i had a dream the night before last that i was on a but going home boat the weird thing was that i was in the town i grew up in not the one i live in now. and my high school sweet heart (Nick)got on the bus and sat next to me.

    you see in really life i loved nick and he said he loved me but he did look at other girls. we dated of and on until i moved out of state. when i first met him it was love at first sight and i have dated other guys after him but i still can't stop thinking about him wishing we were together.

    back to the dream. he sits next to me, hugs me, and tells me he's sorry for mot being around when i need him but he is going to be here for me now. and we start making out on the bus.
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    I had a short dream last night that was a little weird. It was dark out, and i was walking in a stream with my brother (it was a person i don't know, but in my dream, he was my brother) We were following this woman who was dressed in this business suit. And I looked up on this ledge and saw a book with picture of a woman's bare back on it. And the woman's back was bleeding, and blood was literally pouring out of the book. And then I woke up...

    Well, do you think there's any meaning in that?
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    i had another intresthing dream.
    i'm bi that will propablely save you alot of time.

    in my dream i'm at work (a college library) and there's a tour going on for incoming freshmen. and i see my friend from back home Sonja. I wanted to talk to her but i couldn't so i get her attention from across the room and i lift up my skirt to show her that i'm not wearing any underware! she smiles and nods her head yes (sonja is bi too). later on we're have sex in the employees restroom! i never felt that way about her before and i was surprised by this dream.
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    thank you very much sidhe. you make a lot of sense!
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    I had a dream last night that was my first non-nightmare in weeks...

    It was so vivid in colour.the sky was at sunset, or sunrise? pretty orange reflecting of the dim blue..A meadow...as far as the eye could see..seemed infinite...the meadow was a real pretty burnt orange.and flowing in the wind..along with the wind were a giant flock of black birds..and i was flying with them...(I often have dreams of swimming thru the air but always by myself and always to get away from something terrifying..)anyway, then there were scattered leaveless trees they were beautiful to me..and so tall the trunks were smooth and went way way up before they had branches coming from them...then a kangeroo was trying to get up one of them..I hopped on him and he hopped and hopped trying to get up the tree. it didnt work. then I saw a big giant long dressor in the middle of the flowing meadow..inside was something i cant remember..but i was all of a sudden aware that i was in dime bag darrell's room in heaven.

    that's all. what is that?

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    i had a strange dream last night.

    i was in a good friend from universities house in london.(i havent seen her for about 10 years)she said lets go for a walk up into the hills. we walked for hours in the mountains until we came to a small hut,inside the hut was set out like a pet shop.there were huge tanks of bubbling goldfish.ach of the tanks had hundreds of gold coloured fish and every single one had a single black fish.
    she told me they were her animals. i looked at the poor animals such as cats and rabbits imprisoned in cages that were too small for them and i was upset. i told her that she should take better care of the poor creatures, and i started to let them out. she thanked me for helping her release them outside the hut.she could hear her mother outside so we started panicking a lot.
    at the end of the dream she gave me a minature turkey the size of a tennis ball. i looked more closely at the creature. she said its a very special turkey. then she dissappeared. the turkey trned into a very handsome man who told me he loved me. just when it started to get interesting i woke up!
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    thanks. now that i'm off of school i hope to get my life in order again.
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    i have been depresse these past few months. my friends and family are all worried about me and i've been trying to get help lately. in my dream the wolf wasn't very scarey. he was kinda skiny, sad, and he looked scared himself. but what could the part about me being the "wolf mother" mean?
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    ok heres a dream i've had recently. i'm living in an apartment on campus with some people i've never meet before and we become friends. they invite some of their friends over and we're all hanging out in the living room talking when suddenly the big, black, cloud looking thing comes striaght for us threw the window. i stood up and put my plams out in front of me and orderd the thing to stop and it does! and it takes the shape of a black wolf. i start scolding the wolf for trying to attack us and i tell him that i an the wolf mother and he should of never tried to kill me. the wofe starts crying and talking! he tells me he didn't know i was there and wasn't sent to kill me, he was sent to kill my room mates friends. right as i'm about to as him who sent him a big gust of wind comes in threw the broken window and takes the wolf away. i've never dreamed about wolves before and i'm a cat person. i've always thought that my sprit guid, animale to call, what ever you want to call it would be a feline. could this dream mean somthing or should i stop reading fairy tales before i go to bed?
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    i've always dreamed in color. not in any specifict shad i just dream things the way they are when i'm aweak.
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