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Memoir of a Mad Man Trip6662000 11 09/07
apparently im hated on vampirefreak go figur ... DeanCorso 8 09/07
were are the nice folks on G.M DeanCorso 9 09/06
I dont belong here EnelyaS 63 09/06
what is your favorite tarot deck? DeanCorso 7 08/31
que sera? DeanCorso 2 08/23
this is strange DeanCorso 7 08/16
Crier Lucypurr 6 07/24
Girls Will Be Boys Lucypurr 20 07/24
Running Your Mouth Lucypurr 7 07/24
Untitled Lucypurr 1 07/24
Home Lucypurr 3 07/24
Wiggly Worm Lucypurr 2 07/24
An Accidental Suicide Lucypurr 4 07/24
Broken Mirror Lucypurr 1 07/24
Manic Depression Lucypurr 3 07/24
Did I Deserve It? Lucypurr 3 07/24
Will You Think Of Me? Lucypurr 13 07/24
Nicotine Lucypurr 9 07/24
Now Look At What You've Done Lucypurr 1 07/24
Merry-Go-Round Lucypurr 1 07/24
Kleptomaniac Lucypurr 1 07/24
A Truth Lucypurr 1 07/24
Alternative Lucypurr 2 07/24
A Message to Death Lucypurr 4 07/24
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im depressed godammit respond
last year at new year eve i drank cogna ...
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A Decade on.............
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