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The blogs provide you the opportunity to share your life experiences and topics of interest with other members. Blogging is a great ice-breaker, allowing you and others to get acquainted. (Personal ads, advertisements of products or services, or any personal contact information are not allowed.)

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Broken Mirror Lucypurr 1 07/24
Manic Depression Lucypurr 3 07/24
Did I Deserve It? Lucypurr 3 07/24
Will You Think Of Me? Lucypurr 13 07/24
Nicotine Lucypurr 9 07/24
Now Look At What You've Done Lucypurr 1 07/24
Merry-Go-Round Lucypurr 1 07/24
Kleptomaniac Lucypurr 1 07/24
A Truth Lucypurr 1 07/24
Alternative Lucypurr 2 07/24
A Message to Death Lucypurr 4 07/24
a discovery DeanCorso 6 07/21
i bought an awesome tarot wow i drool like ... DeanCorso 3 07/13
i hate dogs DeanCorso 3 07/12
Too much work- rant about how women act like ... bonnsterthemonster 13 06/24
do i have allies here? please answers DeanCorso 26 06/15
Cue the Wild West music silmarillion 18 06/12
black helicopter over my house? DeanCorso 8 06/11
im all about schadenfreude DeanCorso 6 06/10
Whitby goth festival silmarillion 13 06/10
It's like trying to glue mince together to ... silmarillion 8 06/10
were r the old timers mad conspiracy theorist ... DeanCorso 6 06/07
darn i hate these psychic vampires DeanCorso 5 05/31
cute baby alert EnelyaS 26 05/26
miss Lenormand Oracle DeanCorso 10 05/17
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