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Posted on Aug 16, 2016 at 04:53 AM

Yep   The best thing are in life is knowledge of everything but forget what futile Focus on life essential, addition the good thing substract negative, dont ever do a cumulative of your negative experience , small problem or bitterness stay optimist, but i caan be overly optimist it's my human nature.   Taking each day at the time, i got plenty of friends and partying all summer week ends and every holyday.Enjoy what you got make the best of it and this special woman you wont will show up one day..   This special person, precious time, familiar soul, not soul mate necessary. The perfect fuck friend , the perfect girlfriend whatever.   That about it i gain wisdom i wisen up a bit, what do you think what your verdict? answer or i knock your teeth out all of em(just kidding) no one answer my blog im non violent but not somesort of pussywillow, Have a nice day, peace be whit you has soul mate harrmony lead your way trough life...    

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