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Posted on Dec 28, 2015 at 09:02 PM

Hey guys and gals, can I ask you something? Why do people give themselves crazy or stupid usernames? Or better yet, whats going through some people's heads when they come up with their username. Does it make you feel cool or something? Maybe you just think its funny, or think it'll get you more views. But I can assure you, Im not gonna click on a profile called VaginaMonster, or SexSlave, or Satan'sDevoted, or DemonKing666, or Suicidal, or KillMyself, or ImNotOk. It just doesnt seem smart on my end, especially since I would like to have a relationship with someone who's sane or who at the very least isnt on the brink of suicide. Maybe I'm the only one? What about you guys? I could be wrong...

My LeStrange Heart
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