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First. MoonlitAutu... Recommended 3 09/07
harvest wisdom DeanCor... 5 08/16
No1 Vilufr... 3 08/10
goeing to raves each summer like almost every ... DeanCor... 1 08/05
Faceybookie mremera... 15 06/08
Great Heavens! and a poem mremera... 8 06/08
Who are the sinners that goes to hell deepest ... DeanCor... 6 06/04
Introductions removed_Notlikeyouare_1605509... 17 05/26
are you into noisy ambient DeanCor... 2 05/17
What do you guys think of Jung Red Book DeanCor... 1 05/05
hallucinogenics are still taboo today DeanCor... 7 04/02
nomore totaly lost here nomo... 28 03/14
goths hate each others? DeanCor... 23 03/08
eating better looking better i lost over 10 ... DeanCor... 4 03/02
last year at new year eve i drank cognac DeanCor... 6 01/28
what my trip right now? DeanCor... 4 01/27
I think FB has dulled my ability to discourse ... BloodxRevena... 28 01/19
Obituary MOHAWK... 37 12/31
Unsure Thoughts Vamp_King_... 12 12/29
Crazy Usernames Chi_LeStran... 9 12/28
Weight? Chi_LeStran... 19 12/28
Not all Goths are WHITE!!! Chi_LeStran... 17 12/28
im depressed godammit respond DeanCor... 42 12/23
Levee broken. Vamp_King_... 13 12/23
what's up people? EMOBri... 16 12/22
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harvest wisdom
Gothic Country?
90s Goth: My Favorites
goeing to raves each summer like almost every week

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Gothic Country?
90s Goth: My Favorites
harvest wisdom
goeing to raves each summer like almost every week
I Don't Believe in Unconditional Love
Not all Goths are WHITE!!!