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The blogs provide you the opportunity to share your life experiences and topics of interest with other members. Blogging is a great ice-breaker, allowing you and others to get acquainted. (Personal ads, advertisements of products or services, or any personal contact information are not allowed.)

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Coming to an end hearselover 1 12/20
"Angel of Death...March to the Kingdom of the ... bonnsterthemonster 2 12/16
Writings of the very sleep deprived KatBlackwell 6 12/14
Autumn wishes KatBlackwell 3 12/13
''normal post'' happy x-mas, mix idea, the ... DeanCorso 5 12/09
test frankdating 9 12/04
industrial doom dub extremism, i made a record ... DeanCorso 2 11/27
So many events, so little cash. RhainaKincaid 6 11/24
hackers and virus on G.M DeanCorso 12 11/16
Gemstones DeanCorso 10 11/08
GIANT FULL MOON TONIGHT that's all you're allowed ... bonnsterthemonster 13 11/06
Rolling Dreads. Moving shop. The mafia awaits ... bonnsterthemonster 5 11/06
were Bonnster and everrybody? DeanCorso 14 11/04
let face it my humor is awfull DeanCorso 2 11/04
read my darn blog and comment godammit DeanCorso 12 11/02
i suspect a trap DeanCorso 7 10/25
i took 3 grm of shroom and i nearly die it ... DeanCorso 8 10/15
love an abstract word that mean everything DeanCorso 5 10/07
i love you guys honnest DeanCorso 7 10/07
Hell's Teachings tonysaff 12 09/30
do i have fans in japan? DeanCorso 8 09/25
i wanna hear noodle sing the lion sleep tonight ... DeanCorso 16 09/18
i miss coolchick DeanCorso 7 09/18
my jokes are funny dont hurt my feelings DeanCorso 9 09/13
i use to be sooo handsome DeanCorso 6 09/12
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were Bonnster and everrybody ...
read my darn blog and comment ...
Hell's Teachings
''normal post'' happy x-mas, ...
hackers and virus on G. ...

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Coming to an end
GIANT FULL MOON TONIGHT that's all you're ...
were Bonnster and everrybody?
I dont belong here
what is your favorite tarot deck?
"Angel of Death...March to the Kingdom ...
''normal post'' happy x-mas, mix idea, ...