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Virtual Life is no life Sure hope you went out on Halloween Posted on Nov 02, 2015 at 05:24 PM

Hey youz guyz Why did we only get 2 small groups of trick or treaters when it was an amazing day, plus it was on Saturday, and we have all this chocolate now!!!???? I sure hope you got a chance to go out and scare the crap outta some peeps this Halloween. I was going to wear this quickie costume of the cookie monster that I made to do a submission to the Project Runway but instead I just dressed as me which is hallowwwweeenie enough.  I'm going to play around with being wonder woman and foxy cleopatra until next year. Here's a picture of me back in August in a green dress and ancient boots almost as old as I am. How do you think I'm holding up for 49? Hmmm not too shabby. My model name is Rooster Girl. My Real name is Bonnie. And I'm closing down my shop rip club at the end of the year still no new location and the studio isn't big enough. Boo hoo. Oh well more time for virtual blogging or whatever!! Cool people are so hard to find the squares are dead to me.

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DUMBSHITS ABOUND PULL THE PLUG Posted on Jun 15, 2015 at 10:13 AM

Thanks. That is all.

hypercusis and misophonia Posted on Apr 19, 2015 at 08:05 AM

I think nobody understands how hard it is I have misophonia professors I have very acute sound sensitivity and it's making my life hell. 

"Angel of Death...March to the Kingdom of the Damned"-Slayer Posted on Dec 16, 2014 at 05:40 PM

LOL! (It's Comcast.) Why is this song going through my head? I must have an earworm. SO I closed up my shop, was unpacking night before last, and chunked my left thumb. So I am home today resting and hoping I can feel it. I think I have permanent damage. It's an aclusion I think. When I slipped with the flathead screwdriver and it went into the side of my thumbnail and pushed up the nail it RIIIPPPED the cuticle off. It's swolen and probably infectoid, but I hate "doctors". (Well, "PA's)

Reclaiming my life back by working by appointment only. Everyone on the rack can hide and go F*** themselves. The Seamstress is more important than the sewing job.

I see people walking around and I think of the Slayer song above. I want to feel holiday funtimes coming my way but I didn't even decorate for Halloween. I would like to do a kickstarter or community funded or one of those things to raise money for an old victorian or warehouse or something to reopen the sewing lounge. In the meantime I will have my apprenti make the long skirts, dresses, corset tops, cinchers, bustles, vests (high buttoned westkits) and coats and just try to wholesale them...or I might just close down and get this special neck & spine  surgery. (Still haven't heard back from the study. I know someone who had it. Makes me so hopeful.) I was asked to go to Uganda in June to teach the women how to make recycled clothes. Stupid lazy Americans suck!


I looked at FB and saw some people taking IQ tests saying they all got 126 or so. No. No, no, no, no, no! These people do NOT have gifted IQ's. Look at the test they gave you in school. If you didn't get a test in school then you are average (between 85-115). The tests they are taking are inaccurate. Maybe these tests are changing just like the vanity clothing sizes. It must be a sliding scale system. Somehow I'm a genius now. What????!! No! GIfted, not genius. WTH!!!!

It's so weird that I'm so detached. I've been trying so hard to fight off this killer cold and depression. I miss my shop! What a waste of my time, money and life when the lords of the land can pull the rug out from under you at any time. I soooooo much want to DROP OUT. (Read Timothy Leary's book "The Politics of Ecstasy".)

Weed is legal here now. Let's see what happens. So many dumbsh*ts abound and too many greasy auras around. It's sickening how many homeless people there are. Gasoline is $2.26 a gallon today so that's a happy thing! Inflation of food, goods, and housing is unreasonable...just like the 18 1/2 page lease the new owners tried to shtoink me with.

Windows 7 sucks so bad. You see I am now typing on a regular "QWERTY" keyboard on a desktop. My typing is accurate. Windows 7 just doesn't respond well for people who know how to use a typewriter. I have to get a "smart" phone (aka "phablet") for the biz now. 40 hours of my time was wasted with comcast only to find they were pulling the same tactics as last time I moved my shop and that I don't have enough outlets to install all of their equipment. My industrial tools are essential. Their crap is not.

Anybody here want to comment that would be great. Only 15% of people around the whole world will speak up. The rest just don't have the courage and/or don't care. Stupid humans. It would be nice to go to college and study sociology and brainwashing. It would be fun to gain more knowledge on how to get the zombies to follow me without knowing it. (I really want to stay under the radar.) Oh well, I suppose I'll have to run for city council soon to fight the good ole boys club. 

Anyone have any thoughts on my idea of a "RAT TRAP TAX"? Damn new old money and their personal storage/ vacant commercial properties. I have a plan to help people in this economy. Either that or Robin Hood needs to step up as well as shoot the regular pirate hoods.

"EVERYBODY'S A PIRATE!" (Said in a Scottish accent, of course.) Where are all those true no b/s punks and new wave/goth gents? What about the classy ladies? Where did they all go? 

It sucks that I don't see my internet friends post on here anymore.

I hope my thumb isn't dead. If they chop it I'll be so pissed!


GIANT FULL MOON TONIGHT that's all you're allowed to say! Posted on Nov 06, 2014 at 06:43 PM

Remember when these phrases meant something:

"No!" (Now it's, "Or not." p.s. you should not have had children.)

"Children should be seen and not heard."

"Children should only speak when spoken to."

"Do your chores."

"Is your homework done? O.K. Now you may eat." ("Oh it's not? No food for you!")

"Are your chores done? O.K. here's your allowance."

"We eat what Mom makes for dinner."

"Mom's home! Let's bring in those grocery bags." ("Yeah! Food!!!")

"Hi Boss Iwent to get a coffee, here's one for you."

"You have the rights I give you."

"I love my Mom and Dad."

"I love my kids." (Not I love them to death?)

This hurts me more than it hurts you. (True.)

"Behave yourself or you will be left out..taken out...punished...ostracized."

"Fat!" (=no self control)

"Thank you for considering me for this job."

"I'll get it done"


ANY MORE???? ANY TAKERS>>>>> Children and young people should shut up and listen. You really have nothing to say...FOOL...not much to offer but willingness to work your a** off. And seriously? "Willing to take a job/" OMG.


Rolling Dreads. Moving shop. The mafia awaits. Posted on Nov 06, 2014 at 06:30 PM

Rolling my long hair in back into dreads. Well a little. I'm just letting them do their thing. Moved a bunch of fabric bolts to a secure indoor storage unit. Moving into a small studio downtown at the end of the month is making me nuts! They sold my haunted building. Tripling the rent. Two mob guys at 6'4" and one at  6'7" came in to intimidate me, plus a bunch of others and the new owners are oilie. My lawyer said the lease was unreasonable (even after I haggled them down and into a two year) and advided me against it.  I'll miss it, but I need a peacful change. By appointment only! I'll loose the drive by and walk by traffic, and no more retail and no more sewing lounge. Too bad. My rate will still go up. The local ghoat hunters were supposed to come in the Saturday before Halloween to set up overnight and try to catch the phantom/disturbances. They cancelled via EMAIL less than two hours before. Yup they're loosers. I arranged my schedule around it and I have a storefront. Dumbsh*ts for sure. Another chance will not be given.


Everyone is insane. I feel so happy in my sancuary, and now my work will be a peacful sancuary with no walk ins, no salesmen, no mob, no theives, and no stupid people ruining my goods.


This way I'll have more time to actaully work on my house again. Plus take care of myself and my loved ones. I'm sick of working so hard just to get in to work! (It takes 2-3 hours every morning to manage my pain.) THen I can travel again. YEAH! Even though I'm disappointed, I'm also excited that I'll have less stress and be happier. Staying away from zombies, devils, and idiots is definately way more fun!


Too much work- rant about how women act like children Posted on Jun 24, 2014 at 09:12 AM

Hired two apprentices...I one knows how to sew. See this here? All I need is for a skilled craftsman to sew on the lace. Machine embroidered or hand pick stitch. Not one skilled applicant. It's always TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN and LOOSE LOOSE LOOSE.  I hope these two work out, or at least one. Women act like wonder the kids are all f['d up! Little kids in sweatshops can do beautiful work, why can't ours?

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Cool new biker club. Not 1%ers Posted on Apr 28, 2014 at 05:58 PM

Look at these I did a good job huh? Lots of patches. These seemed like good guys

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Backache attack! Posted on Apr 28, 2014 at 05:56 PM

This morning: Can't stand up. legs not working. Went to doc.

Doc says everything under the head has ta go! 

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I'm going to tell you what you really are. Posted on Apr 28, 2014 at 05:54 PM

What you are? You're dead, you're a slut, a desperate cluck

A stupid *uck. You're a load of upchuck..a race through the muck. A hotheaded loose mouthed fool in the puck (peyewk) of spew your daddy's drool you're mother is cruel a raveled spool. A FOOL!

You're dead meat on sweaty bones waiting for the next blank faced drone to bone

Where's your soul? He's got it..and waits..till you want to create to tolerate and excavate but he won't give in even if you prostrate. Because you hate. Not his, yours. You've closed up all the doors. Now wait for your crying and coughing to close up your coffin with closepins and pins and needles and stares but you tried you dared and no one cared. No one cares!

So STFU and hop in your truck and make like that dead slut you old dead f*ck.

Get off the imagined internet highway and go out and show the people it's my way. Truth Brains Health and Locks! Don't trust anyone who isn't a Goth!

Go to the cemetary and call yourself Mary, What is Mary Worth? Go sit on the tracks and then look back and jump away when you realize you want to stay what is this pain? it's life baby life Life isn't death and death isn't life you don't want to die you just want to catch someone's eye and let them see the real intense you, the one who got through and wants the pain...not the death. But Death comes too soon as you swoon and moon and maybe cocoon with your loon and he'll grin that he gave you the little death. That's life baby life. But face it the rot and the wicked black of the Goth the obsession with horror all comes down to a theatric fun like Alice Cooper and Bauhaus and Vincent Price. It's handeling the knife, not placing it, that thrills you. You wimp. All Goths are cowarass dweebies who decided to embrace their insanity and let other's fear them instead of fearing themselves. Goths wouldn't beat a gay boy to death for being gay. BUt would revel in him commiting strangelacide for a good orgasm. (The poseurs just to shock people, which is all good and about Goth, or the tortured morbid artists would just forgive him and realize the beauty in going out "happy" and beautiful.) 


This was freeform on the spot just for the GM GOths. DON"T SHARE DON"T STEAL I AM REAL THIS IS MINE ME MINE AND IF YOU TAKE IT YOU WILL SUFFER. BE MY FRIEND AND TELL YOUR EGO TO SHUT UP. YOU KNOW I'M KICK ASS..NOW KICK ASS FOR ME and CRITIQUE!!! Now check out this funny picture of me pretending to be in horror. Which I really am when it comes to the lameassedness of peeps these days.

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going crosseyed Posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 07:24 AM

Can't stop my eyes from crossing this morning. WTF?

My sis is psycho Posted on Jan 13, 2014 at 06:47 PM

Can't believe the bs drama that my sister put me through today. And my son told me she and my mother are calling me a monster behind my back. Yup. They hate me because I am better, nicer, accepting, long suffering, smarter, wiser, more talented, more beautiful, happier, stronger, and sweeter than them. I don't need them in my life. I have no desire to ever see my sister again. She pimps me out. ARrives late to do something together with me with the boys, my mom, and her, and comes into the shop (Thank God it was a private gathering and I was closed) yelling at me and saying the youngest needs to go to the ER. Why call me to say you'r erunning late instead of just telling me your cancelling to take my nephew to the ER? (BTW, he bumped his head. I'm sure he's fine. But she's texted me that an xtra isn't good enough and he needs a CAT scan. NO wonder they have 50K in med bills. THe people I know that spend a lot for good insurance also use it WAY TOOO MUCH!!!! Yeah the world revolves around you and your brats and that gives you the right to disrespect me every chance you get. FU BErt! MAkes me cry. Here's a pic of her when she still was my sister. No she's I don't know what.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.s Posted on Dec 26, 2013 at 07:05 PM

Three of my people died and 3 got divorces this year. I almost lost my husband in a scary overnight at the hospital. I'm turning into a crone and still want to mosh. So, I'll be attending another mosh pit know as the City COuncil.

THe comupter keeps erasing my letter, so I'll have to type on a different one.

a country full of loosers Posted on Aug 19, 2013 at 03:27 PM

It is pathetic that so many people allow and foster drama and nonsence instead of faithfullness, trustworthyness, honesty and accountability. Minimum wage is WAYYYYYYYYY too much when you have to train someone for a month and they still don't complete one single task. WHat about when they do something without following directions and HOSE your system, lists, display, etc.?? What about not punching out for lunch? I am so SICK and TIERD of talker/loosers and so few do-ers! I can't WAIT for Obamacare then maybe some of our stupid pathetic system will crash and kids will have to learn something before they get a High School diploma. I was talking to some college professors and they were complaining about the kids in this country that have no work ethic or skills to prepare them for even first year of college. OK..done ranting.

What happened to Mohawk73, EnelyaS, HardtoPickName, Apple, Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Hey you guys where'd you go? Haven't heard from Mohawk since his mother died. I know EnelyaS has a little one, HardtoPickName is in a relationship, but Mo and Apple and so many others are off this blog. I know there are other social medias out there that really suck. But this is a private society where you can blog on things only we understand. Please come back to our little hidden cript. I may not blog so much but I still read all these. Not to say that it isn't amusing enough to just read Noodles' snarky blogs and a few random poets, and Dean Corso's quest for spirituality, protection and healing, but we need you in the community guys! Still wish we could have a thing better than burning man. 

Husband dying, his family of master denial, loosing it. Posted on Jun 18, 2013 at 09:24 AM

My husband got out of the hospital yesterday. He was in  there because I made him go and saved his life. (Well, the hospital staff saved his life, but I got him there.) His liver is messed up. Years of alcoholism, even though he's been only drinking 2 or three per day, has almost killed him. He STILL doesn't think he's an alcoholic.

Ah his lovely family, so polite, you're ostrasized if you deal with the truth. Ah, the family of denial. How quaint. I'm not angry at him anymore, went though that and realized it's not his fault. I still stand by my blog, "Why Alcoholics suck..." and question if he really ever loved me. It sure feels creepy. I really doubt he ever loved me. How could he when he doesn't love himself?

But then again, he just likes beers and the buzz and so do I. I suppose drinking with him "enabled" him, but I just thought we were enjoying life and having fun. AA is not for me, but I'll go try it again to see if there is any support there.

I suppose when he went all crazy a handle every other day 3 months after we married I should have booted him out. But I gave him my heart and of course he crushed it. Like everyone always does. 

I am absolutely a major hottie and I've got a husband whose body is failing. Forget about sex. That's not important to him. He lied. I saw a movie recently (well, part of one) where the narration was, "Girls learn to fake it right about the same time boys learn to lie." Wow! What a sad but true statment.

My husband almost died. I can't take any more of this.

It would sure take the edge off to have some good, old fashioned, standard style sex. But of course my partner has been impotent and now he's mister old yellow dying man. Maybe it'll come back if he decided to continue to live, and not drink. If he has even one beer, it'll kill him. Game over. And he won't admit that he's an alcoholic. Wow! Anybody have a clue how to deal with this? When he dies I will let his fucking parents and brother have it!!!! I will blame them and give them the biggest guilt trip in the world that they'll want to kill themselves. IF they'd just say, "Tim, you're an alcoholic and you need treatment." But NOOOOOOO. I'm not mad at him anymore, but totally mad at his family of denial lovers. They taught him this.

Haven't seen Mo' on the blogs since his mother died. Hope you're doing well, man. I sure could comiserate with you as 3 people have died, 2 friends and one relative, in the last month. My younger friend found out her blissful, happy marriage was a farce when her husband cheated on her in their house, with a man! Glad they didn't adopt a kid yet. Wow!

Really need some friend's support, but reluctant to bring them into this. So I've been trying to keep going. Sorry if I've pulled you into my drama. I guess God is just trying to get me to be a better person and not so selfish. But forcing a petaphile on me and then 2 kinds of rape, being abandoned and cheated on and thrown away and I'm so fucking hot and know how to get myself off whie driving, amazing kegal muscles, tolerant kind and loving and I don't get it back. WTF!!! I suppose I need to learn not to be selfish. I've always been heartbroken, over and over again. It's so hard not to hate everybody when the collective seems to hate you. Mental illness. Yeah right. It's the spirit that is sick. FOr me, this IS purgatory. Always has been.

Look at Noodles recent blog on people throwing around the word, "Love". No. No you don't love. No. not anyone not ever not at all. don't. Don't f with me. You don't. You can't. THat's why we're here. Go ahead and argue with me, try to convince me you do. No, because if you did you'd already be dead. Ah the dead are lovely. There is no spirits walking the earth that used to be humans. Those are other things my lovelies. Those of us who have moved on are the true lovely ones. If you don't get this then you're not on the right website.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. Keep trying, I have hope that we'll get there. There really is no doubt and no other way out of this world. It's inevitable so were all ok and it'll be great. In the in peace.


wish me luck at the fashion show tomorrow! Posted on Apr 26, 2013 at 08:26 PM

Check out these hip hop ninja ensemble outfits. I got two more fly girls as well.

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Mouse, and being a part of the NoCo FIlmmakers! Posted on Apr 15, 2013 at 09:45 AM

I am awaiting the local film to come out that I worked on. I made the (moster mouse) costume for it. It and my camera are at the shop, but I'll download it and post here when I get the chance. It's scarey and was so fun to make.

I am acting in a short film as a crack addict as well. The filmmaker is from Boston.

THe fashion show I am doing this month is featuring a hair designer from California who moved here. He's a Punk and alters all of his pants with cod pieces and punk decoration (bling). He wants to work exculsively with me but the guy putting it on won't let us. This is the last show I will do with him then, because he's not helping us.

Kicked the son out, who turned 20 yesterday! Posted on Apr 15, 2013 at 09:06 AM

Kicked my son out of the house. He's staying with my mother and tryign to get a job in that town. I saw him yesterday for a birthday brunch over there. He's still got a day or so of packing up his stuff here. Weird thing, I miss him so much but this is better because he lied about getting the job and I don't know what to do with that. Boo hoo. Only this one kid. Love him so much. He'll be fine. He's got a conscience and some skills and a scope. It's been almost 2 years since he graduated and has gained and lost 3 jobs in that time, never went to school, and squandered the 4K me and my mom had saved up for him. Oh well. It's his life and his path.

In the meantime my marriage hasn't been any easier. THe limited sex thing has got me anxious. I'm so not cut out for this shit. But, I know that men are complicated creatures who don't know what's good for them, except knowing that I am good for them. As them being good for me, well, like I've said before, it would be so much easier, satisfying, and less complicated if I could have at least two or three husbands. Maybe now that Forest is out of the house, in a few weeks maybe he'll loosen up, and beat this bronchitis he's had. (Hello? QUit smoking! At least to heal. But he's stubborn and I know it's not that easy.) Intimacy is a hard program folks! LOL! But he's a sweetheart and I do love a brother, I just wnat him to be my lover all the time too. He's just not up for it. We'll see, otherwise it's got to change to an open thing because I'm menopausal and if I don't use it, i'll loose it. I don't want to be stuck in a sexless marriage. Wish me luck that my husband will get a woody for me. WTF! And I've lost that weight he put on me before for over 6 months, I am a hottie, know how to do it, and have guys after me all the time. I suppose I'll try the stupid games, and just ignore him as much as possible so htat he gets excited to shtoink me. What a shame. 

Amazon Women Forever Posted on Feb 25, 2013 at 05:29 AM

It's almost 6 now and I've been up for hours. Some new neighbor (female of course) was shoveling her snow at 4:30am. I am up and going through a rough patch of insomnia. Menopause is here I think or maybe just my thyroid. Whatever! Doctors are useless and expensive. Why am I even paying for health insurance? It doesn't matter I still can't afford the co-pays and am still paying for last years co-pays. What a joke. SOCIALIZE MEDICINE AND LAY OFF GUN CONTROL!

So yes, maybe our society is going down the drain. So what? Useless, unemployable, poor sacks all over the place and the rich keep getting richer using up every slave they can. Sick, huh? How about reinstill the income tax as is was meant to be..only for the rich. Take all their money over a certain amount and give it to the poor and make jobs for our unemployable citizens.

Poor boy, still hasn't moved out, lost another job and it's been almost 2 months. My son is so screwed. He needs to get a job and move out. I just can't kick him out into that cold. So many homeless people in our town. I help them every week. He'll be homeless by spring. I'm sick of it! I still can't pay my shop rent this month. But I pay my workers and buy them food, even though they really don't do much of anything of value for me but waste my time. I'm babysitting them. Poor moroooooons...but I love them so I guess I'm a putz.

Really? My son and husband each only shoveled once yesterday and now I'll have to break my back if I want to get out of the driveway or into my hottub. Why so lazy? I really don't want to become a bitch. But then again I don't want to have it not done. So, as usual, I have to do EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYWHERE>>>>>>>>EVERYTHING. No wonder I can't sleep. I am so sweet and sexy and strong. I'm fucking menopausal and still look like I'm in my early 30's (or that's what people say, because they're all almost dead...luckily I love the dead.)

My Mom in with the evil one in Chi town visiting my bro-in law who's got small cell lung cancer that was just found out a month ago and he's responding to the chemo which is good. But I won't pray to my sister, the devil, as she demands..but I'll always pray for them, especially Danny Boy.

Poor Mom. She's 70 years old and still feels responsible for her first born.....Satan's Spawn. She's staying with my Dad's 2nd wife and they're having a nice visit. I sure hope my sister doesn't kill my Mom and she makes it back.

Moved the shop downtown and still learning how to retail merchandise. Not like anyone can help me. Although I'm constantly looking for people who can and will work and have only a fractional ability. It's truly ridiculous that there are very few who know what work is and want to do it. They're getting closer and closer to being food. So sad. (Not altogether being sarcastic here folks!)

Anyhow if my man and boy would've "really loved me" they wouldn't have left snow in my way so I could go into the hottub right now and then be able to sleep maybe. (THe quotes are because almost all women resent their men and they really think this way so quit saying you love them and just work your ass off whenever possible and she'll know.) Yeah, like I sleep maybe 30% of what they do. But I'm more capable. Maybe just a quick shower will help the back pain ease off.

No, LOL, I know they love me.

My husband hooked me just in time.

But seriously, when are we as women going to stop allowing our men to pull the manipulation on us? Makes me sick that women won't evolve. THat's why Ive been holding a "ladies night" for months now which is actually the Ole Crone (Hag) Sisterhood. We've got 20's-50's in it and it's awesome fun:) I'm trying to lead women to grow up already.

Yes, all men manipulate us and we let them. It's so funny my apprentice of 3 years now asking me about her husband. The way my husband manipulates me is by dogging down himself so I won't. Kinda takes the fun out of it for me, you know?'re totally not worthy and you know it and will be all depressed and sad about it ...but God forbid you get called on it. Oh no, then you couldn't handle it. HAHAH!

I conceed. Poor dumb doggies.

I'm still not content either. Only way to get that is to be alone. Why do old ladies stay alone and not remarry? They are done playing the game. I want what all women want. But we're not allowed because without our sweet love and kindness our men wouldn't keep pushing and the human race would die off. But know we do EVERYTHING...right? Once again I must say "Peggy Bundy" from "Married with CHildren" is the female hero.....She does nothing but look pretty and be enthusiastic about sex, but can speak her mind 100% and doesn't work. No women need work. THat's enough...but we do everything anyway out of love for humanity......and babies. God Bless.

And bless our little man-children. They're so cute and smart and funny and romantic and sexy. How could you not love them? Ah, once again I really wish society would accept a queen bee as myself so I could have a harem of men who were evolved enough to allow me to dictate to them without them feeling bad about it. Come on. Oh well I'll keep my mouth shut so I don't destroy them. Poor things. But....still?.... Amazon Women Forever!